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Women Who Move » Page 2

  • This United States Congresswoman Is Also A Runner

    By Kara Deschenes & Aubrey Rissler

    "Running gave me the confidence to go from homeless to Congress." Learn more about Congresswoman and runner Krysten Sinema.

  • She Was Inspired To Run After Her Father’s First

    By Kara Deschenes & Aubrey Rissler

    After watching her father cross the finish line of his first marathon at the age of 50, this runner was inspired to start her own journey.

  • Running Kept Her Spirit Alive During Breast Cancer Treatment

    By Aubrey Rissler

    After being diagnosed with—and cured of—breast cancer, this runner had to find a new running normal during treatment and beyond.

  • How One Cancer Survivor Saw Running As A True Gift

    By Aubrey Rissler

    One survivor shares the many times running has been a gift in her life. "Running gave me energy when I needed it the most."

  • Running Helped Her Succeed In Her Post-Graduate Career

    By Aubrey Rissler

    Marquay Lee-Pearce says, "Running provided me with the opportunity to go to college." Learn how it helped her in her career, as well.

  • How She Returned To Running After A 9-Hour Back Surgery

    By Aubrey Rissler

    Pain when running turned into passing out turned into a 9-hour back surgery. Here is how one runner made her way back to the sport.

  • Women Who Move: Liz Claman

    By Aubrey Rissler

    "Running taught me to challenge my limits."

  • Running Helped This Servicemember Recover From Loss

    By Aubrey Clark

    Running not only helped Sujey Saavedra get through basic training; it helped her sort through feelings after the loss of her brother.

  • Women Who Move: Jackie Curley

    By Aubrey Clark

    "Running allowed my mom and I to battle her strokes together"

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