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  • 4 Generations Running Rock 'n' Roll San Diego

    By Alison Barsalona   May 23 2016

    What if you could do a half marathon with four generations of your family? arrow

  • Running To Repair War's Destruction

    By Samantha Nutt   May 23 2016

    Why I'm racing the country's largest relay to give children a chance to live in a world free of violence. arrow

  • Was The Run A Commitment To My Daughter—Or Myself?

    By Michele Sprague   May 23 2016

    Was the commitment to run an 8K to herself or her daughter?arrow

  • Why Vine, Body, Sole Was Perfect

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   May 23 2016

    Do we really need to convince you to go to an event called Vine Body Sole? arrow

  • Bunk To 5K—The Program That Gets Prison Inmates Running

    By Cate Hotchkiss   May 22 2016

    In prison, I sweated out a lot of my weakness, insecurity, self-imposed inequity and self-loathing.arrow

  • The Worst Race Ever—And How To Avoid Another One

    By Allie Burdick   May 20 2016

    From weather, to injury, to fueling, things can go south in races—so here's how to avoid having it happen a second time. arrow

  • What Growing Up A Runner Looks Like

    By Alison Barsalona   May 20 2016

    No matter the decade you're living in, running has a special meaning to you. arrow

  • Almost Any Runner Can Finish A 100-Mile Ultramarathon

    By Jason Koop   May 18 2016

    Runners just need to maintain a 19 minute/mile pace to beat the 30-hour cutoff timearrow

  • Pregnancy Helped One Runner Master Self-Acceptance

    By Amanda Morgan   May 17 2016

    While pregnant, one runner had to totally redefine the relationship she'd had with pain as a competitive runner. arrow

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