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  • She Ran 6 Marathons Without Training

    By Jackie Wilson   June 6 2016

    Claire Nicodemus didn't even run 1 mile before her first marathon.arrow

  • Why My Slowest Marathon Was My Best One Yet

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   June 6 2016

    Anyone who knows me knows I’m competitive in everything I do, usually to a fault. When it comes to running, that competitive streak arrow

  • Two Famous Running Buds On Life Before The Olympics

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   June 3 2016

    They used a Rock 'n' Roll event to tune up ahead of the marathon trials, and now they are back to race side by side in SD ahead of Rio. arrow

  • Why You Should Be Proud To Be A Middle-Of-The-Pack Runner

    By Rachel Goldman   June 3 2016

    Frontrunners and those pulling the rear get all the glory—what about those that finish in that middle mass of runners?arrow

  • After Returning From Deployment, She Totally Rocked A Race

    By As Told To Kara Deschenes   June 2 2016

    "I needed a way to cope with the stress and emotions that accompany military life."arrow

  • How Actress Amanda Schull Stays Healthy While Saving The

    By Carolyne Chen   June 2 2016

    Read on to see how actress Amanda Schull finds time to exercise, run, dance and stay healthy.arrow

  • A Familiar Face Celebrated Global Running Day With NYRR

    By Team WR   June 2 2016

    Today, children and adults gathered in NY in celebration of the Million Kid Run on Global Running Dayarrow

  • This Runner Proves You Can Win Races At Any Age

    By Heidy Lozano   June 1 2016

    One runner proves that no matter your age, you can still accomplish anything you set your mind to. arrow

  • How Amy Schumer Is Helping Me Learn To Love My Size

    By Ashley Lauretta   May 31 2016

    Here's how Amy Schumer and others helped one of our editors embrace her size.arrow

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