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  • This Athlete Put Chocolate Milk On The Map For Runners

    By Nicki Miller   April 12 2016

    The woman at the helm of the chocolate milk craze practices what she preaches. arrow

  • 50 Years Ago Bobbi Gibb Became The First Female Boston

    By Jessica Sebor   April 12 2016

    2016 marks the 50th anniversary of trailblazer Bobbi Gibb finishing the Boston Marathon.arrow

  • Neely Spence Gracey Will Make Her Marathon Debut In Boston

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   April 11 2016

    Her highly anticipated marathon debut comes after Spence Gracey clocked a sub-1:10 half marathon, the 10th American to ever do so. arrow

  • 26.2 Quotes About Running

    By Paria Hassouri   April 11 2016

    "All great achievements require time." —Maya Angelouarrow

  • One Uplifting Message Reminds Us Of The Power Of Dreams

    By Lisa Smith-Batchen   April 7 2016

    Before we get caught up in life's busy schedules and self doubts, don't forget what your original goal—your dream—was. arrow

  • Why I’m Running 3,100 Miles Across America

    By Lisa Smith-Batchen   April 7 2016

    This is how one runner felt particularly inspired by a cancer patient who completed a marathon in her hospital. arrow

  • Actress Lyndie Greenwood On Busting Negative Self-Talk (And

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   April 7 2016

    When actress Lyndie Greenwood, isn't working on Fox's "Sleepy Hollow," you'll find her running.arrow

  • From Viral Tummy To Olympic Standard—Here’s

    By Stephanie Bruce   April 7 2016

    If there's any serendipitous story to read about ahead of the Trials, it's Stephanie Bruce's wild ride to the 10K Olympic standard.arrow

  • She’s Running 3 Marathons In 3 Trimesters Including

    By Krysten Lerma   April 6 2016

    The first at 3 months, second at 5 months and the final—Boston—at 7 months pregnant. Incredible!arrow

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