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  • Alison Scholl Is Running For Cover Runner!

    By Alison Scholl

    Which of our great eight finalists will grace our Jan/Feb cover? Here's the story of one.

  • Nikki Peoples Wants Your Vote!

    By Nikki Peoples

    One of our eight cover runner finalists wants your vote to land on our cover!

  • What Is Flower It Forward?

    By Mel Charbonneau

    This weekend, Fellow Flowers is doing something special and hoping you'll give a friend the gift of a flower to wear on the run.

  • What The October Issue Means To Me

    By Paria Hassouri

    When she received our October issue , Paria Hassouri had an overwhelming feeling seeing a fellow muslim on the cover.

  • She's Won World’s Toughest Mudder 3 Times

    By As Told To Kara Deschenes

    Amelia Boone never thought of herself as an athlete. Here's how she changed her mentality and took top honors in World's Toughest Mudder.

  • We Ran 48 Miles Across The Sierras Just Because

    By Morgan Gonzalez

    An adventurous run over the Sierras mountain range (and back) reshapes two pro runner’s perceptions of running, teamwork and love.

  • Veteran Helped U.S. Finish 1-2-3 On 9/11

    By Rich Tenorio

    In 2004 she became the first American female service member to lose a limb during the Iraq War. But, she hasn't looked back.

  • Why ‘Imperfect’ Selfies Are Perfect For Runners

    By Alison Barsalona

    This new selfie trend is one we can really get behind. Find out why some of Instagram's most fittest are showcasing their real selves.

  • Paralympian Who Fell Reflects On Rio

    By Rich Tenorio

    How Elizabeth Baker made first-ever US Paralympic triathlon team and went on to take fourth after some illness-related setbacks.

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