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  • Marathon Maniac: A Formal Apology

    By T-Rex Runner   January 28 2015

    Oh, so running is good for you? It took our Marathon Maniac way too long to reach this obvious epiphany.arrow

  • The Fearless Kathrine Switzer

    By Nicki Miller   January 23 2015

    Running legend Katherine Switzer continues to inspire women of all ages.arrow

  • Behind the Shoot: Kara Goucher

    By Women's Running   January 15 2015

    Go behind the scenes of our November/December 2014 cover shoot with Kara Goucher!arrow

  • Nancy O’Dell: Early Bird Runner

    By Amy Reinink   January 13 2015

    The “Entertainment Tonight” host gets to work earlier than we do—and still finds time to run before breakfast.arrow

  • My Biggest Fan: Debbie LaFond

    By As told to Emily Polachek   January 8 2015

    From racing cars to losing weight, Debbie LaFond’s family from Eastlake, Ohio, is an unbeatable team.arrow

  • Photo Gallery: A Day With Kara Goucher

    By Jessie Sebor. Photos by Scott Draper   January 8 2015

    Go through a typical day in the life of Kara Goucherarrow

  • Why I Run: Country Singer Jana Kramer

    By Amy Reinink   December 18 2014

    Actress-turned-singer Jana Kramer says trail time is a mental game. arrow

  • Inspiration Awards: Renee Williams-Smith

    By Women's Running   December 17 2014

    After becoming the 1st girl to run XC at her high school, this barrier buster returned to coach. arrow

  • Kara Goucher Web Series: Episode 2

    By Women's Running   December 15 2014

    Kara opens up about the lack of equality for women in the running community.arrow

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