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  • She Took First At One Of The World’s Hardest

    By T-Rex Runner   August 15 2016

    What does it take for a woman to place first overall at one of the world’s hardest ultramarathons or to run for 300 miles without sleep?arrow

  • What It's Like To Marry An Olympian

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   August 12 2016

    What is it like to be the spouse of some of the fastest runners in our sport?arrow

  • What I Learned From Running An 100-Mile Race

    By Jodi Weiss   August 12 2016

    Just because she's done more than 50 ultra events doesn't mean she stopped learning. arrow

  • Mother Runners Who Are Representing Other Countries In Rio

    By Roisin McGettigan   August 10 2016

    Republished with permission fro Ro McGettigan at Believe I Am blog Want to get a glimpse into what life is like training for the biggest arrow

  • Kiley Lyall Is Doing Even Greater Things!

    By Victoria Davis   August 9 2016

    Kiley Lyall is back in training after brain surgery and celebrating being completely seizure free!arrow

  • 4 Magic Numbers (Not Your Weight) That Matter For Running

    By Alison Barsalona   August 9 2016

    Newsflash: Weight and pace not included. arrow

  • Here’s The Problem With The Olympics Coverage

    By Ashley Lauretta   August 9 2016

    A recent study found out there is a real problem with the way female athletes are described.arrow

  • How Fitbit Changed Her Life

    By Fara Rosenzweig   August 8 2016

    “I knew I had gained weight, but didn’t realize I had put on that much weight.” In June 2015, 34-year-old Amanda Lynch was at arrow

  • Running Helped Heal My Trauma From Sexual Abuse

    By Sheree Henderson   August 8 2016

    One runner overcame self-esteem issues created by a troubled childhood by becoming a marathoner.arrow

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