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  • How One Veteran Reached Her Ambitious Goal Before She Was 30

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   November 10 2015

    Taryn started running in Kuwait, and the sport became a habit that followed her back to civilian life in Los Angeles. arrow

  • Your Cover Runner Contest Winner: Kiley Lyall!

    By Nicki Miller   November 9 2015

    Warning: She will seriously inspire you.arrow

  • Running Helped Me Out Of An Abusive Relationship

    By Christy Eby as told to Marisa WAlker   November 9 2015

    Christy shares how running is often more powerful than meets the eye.arrow

  • Why One Veteran Doesn’t Celebrate Veteran’s Day

    By Alison Barsalona   November 9 2015

    From running in formation to running half marathons, Deidra understands the power of running and shares why she's thankful for it.arrow

  • Why Female Leaders Are So Important To The Sport

    By Jessica Sebor   November 9 2015

    Women are making a power play in the sport of running and helping us dream big.arrow

  • Joan Benoit Samuelson Uses Numbers To Tell Her Historic

    By Allison Pattillo   November 5 2015

    America's greatest marathoner chases significant, meaningful digits (aka race times) for very specific reasons. arrow

  • One Runner Wore A GoPro And Ran The NYC Marathon

    By Steve Godwin   November 2 2015

    Here are the photos he grabbed—can you tell where they were shot in the five boroughs?arrow

  • A ‘First-Ever Run’ Story Any Runner Can Relate

    By Hannah Phillips   November 2 2015

    Well maybe not the part about the policemen. . . arrow

  • I Coped With Heart Surgery And My Mother’s Death By

    By Sarah Phelan as told to Marisa Walker   November 2 2015

    Sarah Phelan, of Oakland, Calif., explains the healing power of the run.arrow

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