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  • Neurological Disorder Did Not Stop This Runner

    By Ellen Richardson   May 5 2016

    Virginia Mamone Age: 42 Las Vegas, NV Mom & Inspiring Runner Although I was an active child while growing up in Los Angeles, where I arrow

  • Motherhood Means You Run Your Race And Nobody Else’s

    By Mel Charbonneau   May 5 2016

    Being a mom is like running—don't compare yourself to the competitor next to you. arrow

  • Having A Girl Squad Makes Running Even Sweeter

    By Trisha Zubert   May 5 2016

    One runner formed a "girl squad" while running Ragnar and it changed the way she saw the sport (and herself).arrow

  • I Was Unknowingly Inspiring And Helped A Fellow Runner

    By Trisha Zubert   May 4 2016

    Social media brings people together through the journey of life—including the one to become your healthiest self. arrow

  • This Couple Ran The Boston Marathon For The Children’s

    By Emily Polachek   May 2 2016

    A Boston radio DJ and her husband decided to apply to run Boston for the Children's Hospital that helped save their son. arrow

  • This High School Senior Is The Organizer Of A Charity Race

    By Team WR   May 2 2016

    Many high school seniors are busy thinking about what they will do upon graduation. Patricia Egan is the exception.arrow

  • How One Editor Is Learning To Be Kinder To Herself

    By Jessica Sebor   May 2 2016

    When our editor in chief moved to a new city and searched for a new running group, her insecurities flared up. arrow

  • Why You Should Always Run Like You're The Best

    By Taylor Strekel   April 29 2016

    It was the most important track meet of the season against our rival team. Our coaches calculated a mock score sheet based off probable arrow

  • The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Bodies

    By Margaret Smith   April 29 2016

    The stories we tell ourselves about our frames can directly impact how fast we run.arrow

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