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  • Get Ready To Set A Goal: Saturday Is ‘Declare It Day’

    By Nicki Miller   February 1 2016

    No worries if you've broken your New Year's resolution. There's a better way to set your goals—with a community of women to support you!arrow

  • 26.2 Presidential Quotes That Also Work As Running Quotes

    By Paria Hassouri   February 1 2016

    The great leaders of our country actually had some great one-liners for us runners. arrow

  • Why Running Solo Didn’t Work For This Runner—But

    By Laura Dunstan   February 1 2016

    She thought running clubs were only for elites—until she joined one. arrow

  • Grief Sent This Runner Racing A 10K For Charity

    By Stacy Holden   January 28 2016

    One runner finds comfort in running while dealing with grief.arrow

  • VIDEO: When Kiley Lyall Became Our Cover Runner

    By Team WR   January 28 2016

    We went behind the scenes of when we told Kiley the big news and what her time in San Diego looked like for the cover shoot. arrow

  • What Do First Marathon Memories Look Like For Elites?

    By Jessica Sebor   January 28 2016

    These Olympic Trials–bound women share their first marathon memories.arrow

  • 3 Easy Ways To Get More Motivated

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   January 27 2016

    When you don't feel like running, these tricks will get you to lace up.arrow

  • 5 Questions With Masters Runner Joanna Zeiger

    By Courtney Johnson   January 27 2016

    This 45 year old runner will compete in her 7th Olympic Trials next month.arrow

  • New Program Empowers Young Girls Through Running

    By Team WR   January 26 2016

    "Our core focus is to providing an opportunity for girls to fall in love with movement and find their internal voice."arrow

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