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  • Real Runners: Racing Barefoot

    By MariJean Sanders

    Coach Neal Butler's training methods focus on proper alignment to help runners like MariJean race to success.

  • Every Runner is a "Serious Runner"

    By Fat Girl Running

    Fat Girl Running's Mirna Valerio explains why she—and everyone that runs—deserves to consider themselves "serious runners."

  • Why Running Helps You Think

    By Allie Burdick

    There are many reasons—scientific and otherwise—behind running's magical ability to clear your mind.

  • Real Runners: Running For Recovery

    By Shelley Leone

    A real runner shares her story of how running inspired her to maintain sobriety and pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle.

  • Elites Are Celebrating Global Running Day On Instagram

    By Team WR

    Everyone is getting after it today!

  • The Ultimate First Half Marathon Pep Talk

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    Run Selfie Repeat offers tips for runners preparing to run their first half marathon.

  • 15 Photos Of Harriette Thompson

    By Team WR

    Harriette Thompson is a crowd pleaser, and these photos prove everyone is pleased to be in her presence.

  • Q&A With Harriette Thompson

    By Team WR

    Everyone knows her name by now—she’s a world record holder and one of the most active human beings you’ll ever meet–and

  • I Run A Race Every Year With My Mom

    By Victoria Manriquez

    How a daughter's relationship with her mother grew exponentially through running half marathons.

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