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  • Why Lauren Fleshman Is Such A Big Deal

    By CAITLYN PILKINGTON & JESSIE SEBOR    November 16 2015

    This woman is so many things to so many runners and we just can't get enough.arrow

  • One Marathoning Mom Unknowingly Roped Her Daughter Into

    By Elizabeth Traynor   November 16 2015

    After surviving the 2013 Boston attacks, one stubborn non-runner suddenly has her sites set on a marathon—with her marathoning mother.arrow

  • Get Inspired By The Oldest Woman To Finish A Marathon

    By Caitlyn Pilkington & Jessie Sebor   November 13 2015

    Thompson pushes the boundaries of the 'typical' marathoner.arrow

  • One Runner Shares Her Life As A Civilian Working For The

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   November 12 2015

    Chris Anne “is a runner who runs for stress after deployments to Iraq, Djibouti and Afghanistan.” Currently working as a arrow

  • Woman One Of First To Represent Her Country In The Olympics


    This former Women's Running cover runner is changing the game.arrow

  • From Depressed And Overweight To Boston Qualifier

    By Kirsten Jett   November 10 2015

    What started as an outlet for depression became a love-affair with running.arrow

  • How One Veteran Reached Her Ambitious Goal Before She Was 30

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   November 10 2015

    Taryn started running in Kuwait, and the sport became a habit that followed her back to civilian life in Los Angeles. arrow

  • Your Cover Runner Contest Winner: Kiley Lyall!

    By Nicki Miller   November 9 2015

    Warning: She will seriously inspire you.arrow

  • Running Helped Me Out Of An Abusive Relationship

    By Christy Eby as told to Marisa WAlker   November 9 2015

    Christy shares how running is often more powerful than meets the eye.arrow

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