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  • Top NCAA Pole Vaulter On Being A College Student And Mom

    By Allison Pattillo   June 10 2015

    Demi Payne, one of the best pole vaulters in the country, juggles motherhood and academics.arrow

  • What Going To The Gym Looks Like After Having Kids

    By Alison Barsalona   June 10 2015

    How one running mama hilariously outlines her days at the gym before versus after having kids. arrow

  • What Nike Zoom Camp Taught Me About Running

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   June 9 2015

    One editor shares lessons from her amazing experience at Hayward Field.arrow

  • How One Runner Ditched More Than 100 Pounds

    By Don Norcross   June 8 2015

    Melanie Osman regained her confidence and completed her first marathon.arrow

  • 10 Reasons Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Rules

    By Jessica Sebor   June 4 2015

    Discover why the original Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series race still rocks and rules after more than 15 years.arrow

  • Motigo App Unites Runners With Their Biggest Fans

    By Nicki Miller   June 4 2015

    Bring your best supporters with you to every race you run—all in one motivational app!arrow

  • How To Rekindle The Running And Racing Spark

    By Alison Barsalona   June 3 2015

    First step to loving running and racing again: Get it on the calendar!arrow

  • 10 Ways To Celebrate National Running Day

    By Team WR   June 2 2015

    Celebrate with a $5 6-month subscription to Women's Running—and nine other ways to celebrate too!arrow

  • Lessons From Harriette, The World's Oldest Marathoner

    By Ben Bloom   June 2 2015

    A member of the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego staff offers a few quick lessons from the world's oldest marathoner.arrow

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