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  • One Huge Lesson I Learned From Running

    By Paria Hassouri

    While writing a pre-race pep talk to a friend, Paria Hassouri realized the most important lesson that she has learned from running.

  • She Dropped From 24 Minutes To 16 Minutes

    By Elizabeth Moore

    She signed up for her first 5K at 335 pounds and could barely make it to the end of the street. Now, she is training for a half marathon.

  • The Important Lesson I Learned During My Second Marathon

    By Lorrie Bamford

    The second marathon can often be harder than the first. Here is what one runner learned on her way to her second 26.2 finish line.

  • Collegiate Runner's Post Went Viral

    By Team WR

    Rachel Schulist shared one of the most vulnerable parts of being a competitive runner—and hundreds applauded.

  • How She Completed 2,016 In 2016

    By As Told To Kara Deschenes

    By putting in small steps daily toward one big yearly goal, one runner will finish the Run The Year Challenge with over 2,500 miles run.

  • How One Runner’s Late-Father Is Still Her Biggest Fan

    By Victoria Bishop Ryan

    She started running with her father and continues to run now—with every step dedicated to the lessons he taught her along the way.

  • She Had Three Knee Surgeries And Still Banged Out A BQ Time

    By Rachel Belmont

    Despite having undergone 3 knee surgeries, this runner can't be stopped. All it takes is belief in yourself and some extra patience.

  • This High-Schooler Keeps Running Through Her Disorder

    By Jennifer Bonn

    Even though her vocal cords do not open correctly, this runner isn't letting it stop her from setting—and reaching—her goals.

  • When You Think You Can't, Remember This

    By Caitlyn Pilkington

    Sometimes you just need to push the doubts aside and instead of slowing up out of fear, speed up out of confidence.

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