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  • The Making Of Brenda Martinez

    By Julia Beeson Polloreno

    Running gave Olympian Brenda Martinez her life’s purpose—inspiring young girls to persevere and thrive.

  • Why Does Everyone Hate Treadmill Runners?

    By Lizzie Post

    The treadmill—or 'dreadmill' as some call it—often gets a bad rap. But, don't let that carry over to the runners themselves.

  • I Came Back To Running At 37 And BQed

    By Jessica Bissot

    After taking a long break from running, one runner came back older, wiser and stronger than ever on an incredible running journey.

  • I Cried At The Start Of My First Race

    By Ashley Lauretta

    One runner had a memorable first race and learned a lot of important lessons that day. Here's how she saw the light through the tears.

  • I Am Proud Of My Last-Place Finish

    By Ronni Gordon

    One runner finished a recent 10K in last place. Here is why she is proud of the accomplishment—and why you shouldn't feel bad for her.

  • Stop Not Doing Things Because Of Fear

    By Hannah Hartzell

    Here's how one runner's fear of geese turned into an important lesson about confronting fear head on in both running and in life.

  • Gwen Jorgensen Is Still Running 70 Miles

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Gwen Jorgensen is expecting her first child in August and shares what she has learned about running through different trimesters.

  • Kathrine Switzer's Final Boston Interview

    By Team WR

    What a historic day!

  • Kathrine Switzer Finishes The Boston Marathon 50 Years Later

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Fifty years after becoming the first female entrant in the Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer took on the course in her iconic big number.

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