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  • The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Bodies

    By Margaret Smith   April 29 2016

    The stories we tell ourselves about our frames can directly impact how fast we run.arrow

  • You Will Cry Watching This Boston Marathon Finish

    By Team WR   April 28 2016

    She became one of the first female double amputees to complete the iconic marathon. arrow

  • 5 Tips On How To Love Your Body Through Running

    By Melinda Parrish   April 28 2016

    Step one: Don't run to lose weight. arrow

  • Salomon Running TV: Running The Streets Of Barcelona

    By Team WR   April 28 2016

    In the third episode of Salomon Running TV’s Season 5, see what it is like to run the streets of Barcelona.arrow

  • How The Big Sur Marathon Served More Than 5,000 Kids

    By Allison Pattillo   April 27 2016

    The event was the largest kids event in race history—outshining the actual marathon numbers!arrow

  • Sara Hall's Marathon Fitbit Data

    By Team WR   April 26 2016

    Ever wonder what the steps look like for a pro marathoner? Here's your answer! arrow

  • 10 Tips To Stay Motivated After Your Big Race Is Over

    By Chris Taylor   April 26 2016

    There are creative ways to keep the motivation running after the finish line. arrow

  • TED Talk Stomps Status Quo About Body Image

    By Team WR   April 26 2016

    My ego feared the worst—I'd be the biggest, I'd be the slowest, I'd be left behind.arrow

  • 10 Funky Songs From His Purple Majesty

    By Chris Lawhorn   April 26 2016

    One of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, Prince left us with some of the best jams for running—and for life.arrow

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