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  • VIDEO: Story Of Sara And Ryan Hall’s Big Family

    By Team WR   February 8 2016

    In our two-part video series, Women’s Running goes behind the scenes of Sara and Ryan Hall‘s decision to adopt four sisters, arrow

  • Runner Went From Homeless To Marathon Finisher

    By Elizabeth McHale   February 8 2016

    Donna joined Back On My Feet just for the free shoes, but she got so much more.arrow

  • Why Mindset Matters The Most When Chasing A Goal

    By Mel Charbonneau   February 5 2016

    Here are four simple topics and journaling questions to get you started on reaching your goals. arrow

  • Runners Are Proclaiming Their Goals On Declare It Day

    By Team WR   February 5 2016

    It's a second chance at your New Year's resolution!arrow

  • Grandma Of Three Went From Overweight To Ultrarunner

    By Team WR   February 5 2016

    And she aspires to conquer her first 100-miler this year!arrow

  • Yes, Elite Runners’ First Marathons Are Just Like

    By Jessica Sebor   February 4 2016

    No matter the time on the clock, the memories of your first 26.2 last forever.arrow

  • Why Declaring A Goal Is The First Step

    By Trisha Zubert   February 4 2016

    But my darling, what if you fly?arrow

  • Not Reaching A Goal Is Just As Transformative As Reaching

    By Angela Gattin   February 4 2016

    If you have more scars than medals, your story matters because it probably hurts every damn day. arrow

  • How Running Helped One Military Spouse Lose 100 Pounds

    By Denise Kafeyan   February 4 2016

    At 5’4”, my highest weight was 239 pounds. I was always in pain. Now, I have found freedom through running.arrow

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