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  • Hungry Runner Girl: 25 Reasons Why I Run

    By Hungry Runner Girl   March 16 2015

    Janae shares the reasons why she keeps lacing up her running shoes every morning.arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: Adaptation

    By Hungry Runner Girl   March 9 2015

    In running and in life, we often have to adapt to move forward and get stronger.arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: Embrace Your Easy Runs!

    By Hungry Runner Girl   March 3 2015

    Easy days are so important for your development as a runner. Find out why!arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: Things That Only Runners Understand

    By Hungry Runner Girl   February 23 2015

    Runners are a unique breed. Janae lists a few traits that only runners will relate with.arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: Ten Changes To Improve Your Running Form

    By Hungry Runner Girl   February 16 2015

    Incorporating these form tips into your running will help you get faster and stay injury-free.arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: How much fitness do you lose when you

    By Hungry Runner Girl   February 10 2015

    Forced time off from running can happen to all of us at some point. Sometimes we get injured. Sometimes we feel like an injury is coming on arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: Overcoming A Bad Run or Race!

    By Hungry Runner Girl   February 2 2015

    Janae shares how to look forward when a bad run gets you down.arrow

  • Hungry Running Girl: Dealing with Race Day Nerves

    By Hungry Runner Girl   January 27 2015

    Race day nerves are normal, but don't let them impact your race!arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: Fueling During A Race

    By Hungry Runner Girl   January 19 2015

    Finding a fueling plan that works for your during races is crucial! arrow

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