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  • 8 Tips To Take The Fear Out Of Speedwork

    By Hungry Runner Girl   July 6 2015

    Speedwork can seem tough and scary, but it doesn't have to be. Plus it will make you FAST!arrow

  • 9 Great Tips For First Time Marathoners

    By Hungry Runner Girl   June 22 2015

    This advice will leave you ready to cover 26.2 miles with confidence!arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl’s Summer Running Playlist

    By Hungry Runner Girl   June 8 2015

    Listen to these tunes to pep up your next run.arrow

  • How To Set Good Fitness Examples For Our Kids

    By Hungry Runner Girl   May 24 2015

    Our everyday actions can help our children grow up healthy and confident.arrow

  • 6 Reasons Why Hiring A Running Coach Is A Great Decision

    By Hungry Runner Girl   May 11 2015

    Hiring a running coach could be the best investment you make in your running.arrow

  • Don’t Ruin Your Race Before It Even Starts!

    By Hungry Runner Girl   April 27 2015

    Instead of worrying about factors you can't control— like the weather— focus on the positive before a race.arrow

  • 4 Glute Exercises That Will Make You A Stronger Runner

    By Hungry Runner Girl   April 20 2015

    Keep your glutes firing correctly with these injury-preventing exercises.arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: Race Day Gear Checklist

    By Hungry Runner Girl   April 13 2015

    With Boston only a week away, Janae made her race day checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten.arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl: 8 Tips On Running With A Group

    By Hungry Runner Girl   April 6 2015

    Here are some things you should know before you go to your first group run.arrow

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