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Hungry Runner Girl

  • Why The Bond Between Running Buddies Is So Special

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    One runner shares what she has learned from her running buddies after logging miles on the roads.

  • 13 Tips For The Best Boston Marathon Ever

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    Whether you're running next month or if it's your ultimate goal, here is how to run your best in Boston.

  • How To Break Out Of A Running Plateau

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    If your running times aren't dropping or your fitness is not improving, here is what you can do.

  • How To Love The Treadmill—And 8 Workouts To Make The Time

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    Make the treadmill your best friend in winter and beyond with these tips and workouts.

  • How To Turn Setbacks Into Moments Of Growth

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    Instead of giving up after a missed goal, look for an opportunity to grow as a runner and a person.

  • Sometimes It’s Okay To Be Lazy

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    Recovery is an essential part of your training cycle.

  • 7 Things You Must Do While Tapering To Have Your Best Race

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    One runner shares her tried-and-true taper advice to get you to your goal.

  • Do Miles Really Change You?

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    One runner reflects on miles logged and what she learned along the way.

  • How To Get Over Having To Miss A Race

    By Hungry Runner Girl

    Hungry Runner Girl has tips for how to cope with having to miss a race.

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