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  • The Best Emotion Running Can Teach You

    By Hungry Runner Girl   September 7 2015

    Many of us want everything without delay. This isn't the case when it comes to running.arrow

  • 15 Motivating Phrases To Repeat During A Race

    By Hungry Runner Girl   August 17 2015

    When those last miles get tough, these mantras can help you finish the race.arrow

  • Five Favorite Core Moves For Runners

    By Hungry Runner Girl   July 29 2015

    It's worth the time to put in core work. These moves are quick and help keep the injuries away!arrow

  • 14 Essential Rules For Running

    By Hungry Runner Girl   July 20 2015

    Hungry Runner Girl shares some of the training rules she has learned over the years.arrow

  • 8 Tips To Take The Fear Out Of Speedwork

    By Hungry Runner Girl   July 6 2015

    Speedwork can seem tough and scary, but it doesn't have to be. Plus it will make you FAST!arrow

  • 9 Great Tips For First Time Marathoners

    By Hungry Runner Girl   June 22 2015

    This advice will leave you ready to cover 26.2 miles with confidence!arrow

  • Hungry Runner Girl’s Summer Running Playlist

    By Hungry Runner Girl   June 8 2015

    Listen to these tunes to pep up your next run.arrow

  • How To Set Good Fitness Examples For Our Kids

    By Hungry Runner Girl   May 24 2015

    Our everyday actions can help our children grow up healthy and confident.arrow

  • 6 Reasons Why Hiring A Running Coach Is A Great Decision

    By Hungry Runner Girl   May 11 2015

    Hiring a running coach could be the best investment you make in your running.arrow

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