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  • Weight Loss Mistakes- Do This, Not That!

    By Mackenzie Lobby   April 4 2014

    From green-juice cleanses to alkaline diets, there is no shortage of fad weight-loss schemes. But between all the banter, it can be tricky arrow

  • New Year, New Approach to Weight Loss

    By Suzanne Girard Eberle   January 1 2014

    This year, keep your resolution to eat healthy and lose weight with this practical guide.arrow

  • Boost Your Metabolism & Burn More Calories!

    By Stephanie Cajigal   October 28 2013

    Learn how to optimize your metabolic basal rate and get the most out of your workouts to torch calories at the fastest pace possible!arrow

  • Running for Weight Loss: 8-Week Training Plan!

    By Matt Fitzgerald   October 9 2013

    Hit the streets smartly to shed unwanted pounds in only eight weeks.arrow

  • Why You Can’t Lose Weight

    By Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S.   March 27 2013

    If you’ve ever thought—I’m a runner. Why do I struggle to shed pounds? Get the body you want by avoiding these common weight-loss arrow

  • Lift to Lose!

    By John Berardi, Ph.D., CSCS and Krista Schaus, CPT   July 8 2011

    Two nationally-recognized weight-loss coaches lend their foolproof strength-training workout to help you slim down for summer. Many women arrow

  • Something to Lose

    By Jayme Moye   March 9 2010

    How three ordinary women became runner s and lost nearly 300 pounds. Jen Arruda sat beside her newborn son watching him struggle to arrow

  • Top 10 Rules of Weight Loss for Runners

    By Dana Villamagna   June 19 2009

    Unwanted weight gain can happen to even the most health-savvy women. Our top strategies for dropping extra pounds...arrow

  • Fit in Six Weeks?

    By Kristin Harrison   January 26 2009

    It’s easy to fall prey to magazine articles and ads proclaiming dramatic weight loss or increased fitness benefits in “just six arrow

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