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  • 4 Reasons Drinking Water In Fall Keeps You Gorgeous

    By Lizzie Fuhr   November 5 2015

    Staying hydrated has its beauty benefits.arrow

  • How To Know Who Needs Running Insoles And Who Doesn’t

    By Morgan Gonzalez   November 4 2015

    Learn the ins and outs of insoles and orthotics.arrow

  • Here’s The Reason You Get A Runner’s High

    By Marisa Walker   November 4 2015

    It’s no myth. Running actually can improve your mood, mind and spirit.arrow

  • How To Stay Sane While Sidelined From Running

    By Marisa Walker   November 4 2015

    What to do when you can't run.arrow

  • Should You Sit Out A Race If You’re Sick?

    By Hillary Kigar   November 3 2015

    You've trained for months and then get sick right before your race. Should you still run?arrow

  • Which Type Of “Eater” Are You?

    By Ashley Lauretta   November 3 2015

    Want to change the way you eat? Understanding what motivates you is the first step—and there are six types of motivators. arrow

  • A Guide For Detoxing After Halloween

    By Leta Shy   November 3 2015

    Recover from that candy coma with these tips.arrow

  • How To Keep A Watchful Eye When You Run Alone

    By Danielle Martin   November 2 2015

    Every month should be National Runner Safety Month—and here are simple tips to keep you secure on the run.arrow

  • How To Keep The Weight Off While Traveling

    By Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD   November 2 2015

    Packing a suitcase doesn't mean you'll inevitably be packing on the pounds if you follow these tips.arrow

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