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  • Tips To Prevent Common Injuries

    By Dr. Larry Goldfarb, DC, CCSP   September 1 2016

    There are 5 common injuries that runners experience, but they can be prevented by adding a few things to your running routine.arrow

  • The Best Stretch To Do Before And After A Run

    By Hillary Kigar   September 1 2016

    Ready, set, run...but wait! Don't forget to stretch.arrow

  • 6 Easy Ways To Have A Healthy Lifestyle While In College

    By Corinne Keating   August 31 2016

    The transition to college is a bit challenging, but that doesn't mean you can't maintain a healthy lifestyle as you adjust. arrow

  • Tricks To Running Again After Moving

    By Alison Barsalona   August 30 2016

    New city, new surroundings, new running routine.arrow

  • Should You Run If You're Sleep Deprived?

    By Hillary Kigar   August 29 2016

    Is a lack of sleep a reason to take a day off?arrow

  • Why Is It Hard To Lose Weight While Training Seriously?

    By Beth Shaw   August 28 2016

    One runner explores why this always seems true. arrow

  • A Fact About What’s Affecting Your Skin On City Runs

    By Team WR   August 26 2016

    You wear sunscreen, exfoliate and more, but if you run in urban areas, you may need to start protecting your skin even more.arrow

  • How Your Dog Is Helping You Get Fitter

    By Team WR   August 25 2016

    Are the kids begging for a family dog? A new survey shows that may not be such a bad idea for your health.arrow

  • 5 Self-Massage Tools To Soothe You From Head To Toe

    By Team WR   August 25 2016

    These are the best new tools to keep you loose. arrow

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