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  • This Tea Combo Can Relieve Pesky Stomach Problems

    By Team WR

    One study showed the perfect combination of herbs to help relieve stomach issues. Here's what you should be drinking when it occurs.

  • What To Know About Spitting On The Run

    By Lizzie Post

    Sometimes while on the run, you just need to spit. So where and how should you do it? Our etiquette expert has the answer.

  • Avoid These 7 Running Hotspot Issues

    By Dr. Cherie Miner, M.D.

    These hotspots are the most common places runners get injuries. A doctor provides the fix to keep you running long and healthy.

  • 4 Times It’s Totally Okay To Quit Your Workout

    By Alison Barsalona

    There are a few times where having "no excuses" is a load of bull. We've rounded up when it's completely reasonable to quit a workout.

  • The One Funny Way Flossing (What?) Is Like Running

    By Team WR

    It turns out if you skip a few days, you don't have to fret! A new study revealed some interesting news about the dental habit.

  • Should You Drink Coffee Before Or After?

    By Hillary Kigar

    When is the best time to have that customary cup of coffee? Our resident coach shares if its before or after that morning run.

  • Sprains Are So Common They Often Go Untreated

    By Team WR

    It's common to step off a curb or over an uneven sidewalk and twist your ankle. These small sprains could lead to future problems.

  • I Don’t Want To Share My Fitbit Stats With

    By Lizzie Post

    How should you respond if your friends ask you to share your fitness tracker data? It all depends on their competitive spirit.

  • Gait Analysis And Everything You Need To Know

    By Amanda Casanova

    Find out when you should try gait analysis—nagging injuries, be gone!—and how the process actually works to benefit runners.

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