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  • A Scientist Developed A Way To Lose Those Final Pounds

    By Ashley Lauretta   April 6 2016

    A scientist from NASA wants to help you shed pounds by this unusual method. arrow

  • Could You Have A Sleep Disorder? Here’s How To Tell.

    By Ashley Lauretta   April 5 2016

    If you are always tired it may be an indication that something else may be going on.arrow

  • 4 Times To Never Self-Diagnose Injuries—And 1 Time

    By Alison Barsalona   April 5 2016

    Of course we always recommend at least checking in with your doctor. arrow

  • Here Are Two Important Things To Know About Hydration

    By Monique Ryan   April 5 2016

    When it comes to hydration, there is much more to know than just "drink water."arrow

  • You Should Be Drinking This Before Your Next Workout

    By Nicki Miller   April 4 2016

    This simple smoothie is an easy way to get an added boost of energy.arrow

  • Being A Runner Living With Endometriosis—And How To Deal

    By Kara Deschenes   March 31 2016

    Learn about a self-help treatment for endometriosis, perfect for runners!arrow

  • 3 Times When You May Need To Consider A Day Off

    By Jessica Sebor   March 30 2016

    When life puts obstacles in your path to fitness, is it better to push through or ease up? arrow

  • Keep Your Feet Happy During The Workday With These Tips

    By Morgan Gonzalez   March 30 2016

    If you stand on your feet all day for work, then you will want to read thisarrow

  • The Disturbing Results Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

    By Fara Rosenzweig   March 28 2016

    Getting your zzz's could make you a better runner. Here's how to drift off to a peaceful sleep.arrow

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