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  • How To Stockpile Sleep

    By Team WR

    A new study is showing that as long as you get extra sleep in the weeks before, little sleep the night before a race won't hurt.

  • When Love For Running Turns Into Obsession

    By Hannah Hartzell

    A collegiate runner looks at what can happen when running becomes too much of a fixation in your life and resembles an obsession.

  • You're Not Too Busy For A Healthy Lifestyle

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Here is everything you need to know about taking charge of your health and truly prioritizing it into your busy schedule.

  • Do This Foot Treatment Tonight Before You Go To Sleep

    By Nicki Miller

    Before you go to sleep, take the time to give your runner feet some extra TLC. These moves also work when your feet are stiff.

  • Recovery Exercises For A Tired Body

    By Nicki Miller

    These two sequences provide you some key upper- and lower-body compression and work to help your body feel better all over.

  • What To Know About Running For Weight Loss

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Whether you are a beginner or have been running for years, here is the most basic thing to know about losing weight on the run.

  • Managing Allergies On The Run

    By Allie Burdick

    Spring is here, which means that allergies are, as well. Here are five things you can do to stay running strong amid the sneezes.

  • Edible Sunscreen Is The Newest Trend In Sun Protection

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Your days of slathering on sunscreen aren't gone, but you can better protect your skin with the addition of edible sunscreen.

  • 10 Thoughts We Have When Working Out On Your Period

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Working out during your period can sometimes be the worst. Though it is a totally normal part of life, you still may think these things.

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