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  • Beat 6 Common Excuses For Not Running

    By Mark Eller   September 12 2016

    Not a morning person? Too stressed out? It's time we overcome these common excuses and learn how to get out there and run. arrow

  • The Painful Truth About Passing Gas On The Run

    By Bethany Grzesiak   September 9 2016

    No runner is immune to GI issues. So what can be done? Here's a look at what causes flatulence and how to find a solution.arrow

  • Spending Money On Those Fitness Classes Is Saving You Money

    By Ashley Lauretta   September 9 2016

    Good news for ClassPass and boutique fitness addicts: it turns out the money you're spending is actually making a quantifiable difference.arrow

  • IT Band Issues And How To Deal

    By Fara Rosenzweig   September 9 2016

    IT band syndrome can be easily prevented with pre- and post-workout stretching. But if you've got it, you can roll your way to recovery.arrow

  • One-Day Detox (With Recipes!) For A Total Reset

    By Nicki Miller   September 8 2016

    This 24-hour reset plan will get your body, mind and soul back in working order. We have 10 steps—and recipes!—for detox success.arrow

  • A Runner’s Guide To 4 Different Physical Therapy

    By Stephanie Cajigal   September 8 2016

    Are you sidelined because of an injury? Here’s your guide to physical therapy treatments that will help you get moving again.arrow

  • Hydromassage Uses Water Pressure To Soothe

    By Ashley Lauretta   September 6 2016

    Utilizing the natural healing properties of water, here is a new type of massage that improves circulation and relaxes your muscles.arrow

  • Why An Avid Yoga Did A Marathon

    By Jennifer Landis   September 6 2016

    Yoga and running can go hand in hand like peanut butter and some super zen jelly. arrow

  • Why Some Athletes Stop Having Periods

    By Ashley Lauretta   September 5 2016

    The amount and type of exercise a women does can actually have an effect on her menstrual cycle. A doctor explains how it happens.arrow

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