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  • Prevent Runner’s Foot Pain With Four Easy Steps

    By Krissy Moehl   October 15 2015

    Running feet hurting? This top ultramarathoner has some tips for easing the pain over hundreds of miles. arrow

  • How To Safely Run Through Mud, Snow and Ice

    By Susan Lacke   October 15 2015

    From wet, slippery mud to slick ice—here's what you need to know to stay injury-free on trails.arrow

  • Do These Moves To Prevent Feet And Ankle Injuries

    By Rachel Cosgrove   October 8 2015

    Lay a foundation for healthy, injury-free running by giving your feet and ankles a little pre-run love.arrow

  • How To Tape 3 Common Running Injuries

    By Fara Rosenzweig   October 7 2015

    Learn the right way—we have three step-by-step videos!—to use kinesiology tape to ease aches and pains.arrow

  • Are Ice Baths Worth The Torture?

    By BETH RISDON   October 2 2015

    Are ice baths really worth it? Check out the pros and cons of this recovery ritual.arrow

  • 5 Tips For Cold Weather Running (It’s Coming!)

    By Michelle Dixon   September 29 2015

    Because winter is rapidly approaching, and it's going to be another freezing one. arrow

  • 5 Yoga-Inspired Poses Specifically For Runners

    By Fara Rosenzweig   September 22 2015

    It's National Yoga Month, so toss a few stretching goodies into your routine.arrow

  • 10 Things I Learned At A Running Camp For Adults

    By Nicki Miller   September 17 2015

    The location is an awesome running destination and the camp is what I needed after a series of niggling injuries.arrow

  • Sidelined By Shin Pain? Learn What Causes It And How To Cope

    By Theresa Juva-Brown   September 15 2015

    Don't let this common pain keep you from running.arrow

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