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  • Everything You Need To Know About IT Band Syndrome

    By Jen Weir, CSCS, CPT   November 24 2015

    Have you ever devoted yourself whole-heartedly to a training program only to be, literally, stopped in your tracks by a nagging pain in arrow

  • 3 Foam Rolling Exercises For The Injury-Prone Runner

    By Jason Devaney   November 23 2015

    These exercises not only help if you are injured but can prevent future injury.arrow

  • How Does KT Tape Help Runners Recover?

    By LAURA SCADUTO   November 13 2015

    You see runners wearing the funky tape at races and on runs, but what does it actually do?arrow

  • How And Why You Should Use Tape On Your Neck

    By Fara Rosenzweig   November 10 2015

    Learn the correct way to tape your neck and alleviate pain.arrow

  • How To Keep A Watchful Eye When You Run Alone

    By Danielle Martin   November 2 2015

    Every month should be National Runner Safety Month—and here are simple tips to keep you secure on the run.arrow

  • Vital Things Your Knees Need To Stay Injury Free

    By Jennifer Bonn   October 29 2015

    One runner dives into her own knee struggles and shares what works best to protect those joints.arrow

  • 4 Basic Tips To Maintain Healthy Feet

    By Fara Rosenzweig   October 28 2015

    Here are a few things you can do every day to keep your feet healthy and injury-free.arrow

  • Why Ankle Injuries Can Have Long-Lasting Effects

    By Kelly O'Mara   October 26 2015

    A twisted ankle could lead to a whole new set of injuries.arrow

  • Is “Warm-Up Stretching” An Oxymoron?

    By Dr. James Amis, One Stretch   October 23 2015

    One orthopaedic surgeon thinks so—but why? Here's his take on the matter.arrow

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