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  • How Runners Can Treat And Prevent Knee Arthritis

    By Jordan D. Metzl, M.D.   June 13 2016

    Runners are hard on their joints—especially the knees.arrow

  • Do Women Face Injury More Than Male Athletes?

    By Ashley Lauretta   June 1 2016

    Studies have confirmed that female athletes get injured more than their male counterparts. arrow

  • This 30 Second Exercise Can Prevent Shin Splints

    By Hillary Kigar   June 1 2016

    This is a simple exercise you can do twice a week on each leg to help prevent pesky shin pain.arrow

  • How To Balance Muscle Strength In Your Legs

    By Team WR   May 30 2016

    Find out which muscle is usually the strongest in women and how to keep the balance.arrow

  • 5 Things You Should Never Do When Recovering From An Injury

    By Sherry Fox   May 16 2016

    It is easy to get impatient when recovering from an injury and want to speed up the process.arrow

  • These Are The KT Tapes You Should Be Using

    By Susan Lacke   May 13 2016

    Learn the how and why of KT Tape, including our favorite brands.arrow

  • 5 Yoga Poses You Should Do After Every Run

    By Jessica Sebor   May 12 2016

    Feel better in just 10 minutes with these simple stretches.arrow

  • 5 Foam Rolling Moves For A Better Sleep

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   May 11 2016

    Roll out, roll out—but really, it helps you sleep better at night. arrow

  • The Safest Way To Keep Training With An Injury

    By Eric Oliver, PT   May 10 2016

    There are ways to work around an injury during your training cycle so that you can stay fit without the stress of running.arrow

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