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  • The Best Stretch To Do Before And After A Run

    By Hillary Kigar

    Ready, set, run...but wait! Don't forget to stretch.

  • 5 Self-Massage Tools To Soothe You From Head To Toe

    By Team WR

    These are the best new tools to keep you loose.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Runner’s Knee

    By Jessica of Twins in Trainers

    You may have been warned about runner's knee, but what exactly is it?

  • A Runner’s Guide To Stress Fractures

    By Jessica of Twins in Trainers

    Stress fractures can mean no running for months on end.

  • Is Your Injury Serious, Or Can It Wait? Here’s A

    By Jackie Wilson

    Sometimes big girl panties are all you need; other times you need an actual doctor.

  • How Changing Your Shoe Can Decrease Foot Pain

    By Ronni Gordon

    After battling leukemia and other hardships, one runner is not letting a painful toe slow her down.

  • Running Surfaces And Speed Influence Your Risk of Injury

    By Ian McMahan

    Learn about two of the many of the commonly held notions about the causes of running injury.

  • The Difference Between Good And Bad Pain

    By Hillary Kigar

    Sometimes pain is a part of running, but how do you know if you need to see a doctor?

  • Runner Shares Injury Prevention Tips For Masters Athletes

    By Susan Lynn Cooke

    As a masters runner for New Balance, Susan Lynne Cooke has to take care of her body more than the younger athletes.

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