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  • The Right And Wrong Way To Foam Roll Your Body

    By Amanda Casanova

    With so many different foam rollers on the market, learn how to choose the best one for you—along with the right way to use it.

  • A Physical Therapist Explains How To Massage Your Own Feet

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Need to give your runner feet some extra love? Here is exactly how and when a physical therapist says you should be rubbing your feet.

  • Which Type Of Foam Roller Are You?

    By Cynthia Martinez

    What type of foam roller are you?

  • 3 Reasons To See A PT Anytime

    By Katharine Lackey

    Even if you haven't suffered a severe injury, there are several reasons that all runners should seek out physical therapy.

  • A Very Large Percentage Of Runners Will Get Injured In 2017

    By Team WR

    If you want to avoid injury this year, there are some preventative exercises you can add into your routine that diminish the chance.

  • What You Need To Know To Prevent Injury At The Gym

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Even the most experienced gym goer can get injured during cross training. A physical therapist shares what you need to consider at the gym.

  • Infographic Shares How To Fix 4 Common Running Injuries


    Injuries can happen to even the healthiest runners. Here is what you need to know about preventing and rehabbing the most common ones.

  • We Asked About How Much Running Really Harms Your Knees

    By Hillary Kigar

    We know you've heard it before: Running hurts your knees. Turns out, it's actually the opposite. Here's what you need to know.

  • Should You DIY With E-Stim Devices?

    By Nicki Miller

    E-stim machines are now available for in-home use—but is it a good idea to DIY? Here's what you need to know before you do.

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