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  • 5 Important Heart Health Tips For Women

    By Ashley Lauretta   February 9 2016

    Read on to find out what part of our body acts as a 'second heart.'arrow

  • 7 Ways Runners Can Prevent Shin Splints

    By Nicki Miller   February 8 2016

    About 30 to 40 percent of new runners develop shin splints; stay a part of the healthy majority. arrow

  • How Running Helped One Military Spouse Lose 100 Pounds

    By Denise Kafeyan   February 4 2016

    At 5’4”, my highest weight was 239 pounds. I was always in pain. Now, I have found freedom through running.arrow

  • Shin Splints 101: What Causes This Common Injury

    By Nicki Miller   February 2 2016

    It’s all about the lower legs— give yours some love to ward off or treat shin splints.arrow

  • One Happiness Expert’s 5 Tricks To Make Running Fun

    By Jessie Sebor   February 1 2016

    Kristi Ling spent 10 years researching happiness; now she's sharing her tips for finding joy in every run. arrow

  • Everything You Need To Know About Metabolic Syndrome

    By Ashley Lauretta   January 29 2016

    Find out the five key risk factors your doctor can look for.arrow

  • Jenna Wolfe’s Simple Changes Can Help You Lose Weight

    By Fara Rosenzweig   January 28 2016

    Breaking your goals down into small actions is the best way to succeed.arrow

  • The Best Options For Runners During Their Period

    By Jessica Sebor   January 27 2016

    Today, the protection options for runners are much improved. But which one is right for you?arrow

  • Is All Comfort Eating Bad?

    By Ashley Lauretta   January 26 2016

    The answer to this common question will surprise you.arrow

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