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  • How To Tape 3 Common Running Injuries

    By Fara Rosenzweig   October 7 2015

    Learn the right way—we have three step-by-step videos!—to use kinesiology tape to ease aches and pains.arrow

  • On Becoming A Morning Person

    By KARLYN WILLIAMS   October 6 2015

    One runner sets out on a challenge to become a morning person.arrow

  • The Trick That Gave Me My Best Workout Ever

    By Aemilia Madden   October 6 2015

    Here are a few ways to up your motivation and get your best workout ever.arrow

  • Fit Is A Feeling, Not An Image

    By Garret Garrels   October 5 2015

    When it comes to fitness, sometimes it is best to just focus on how you're feeling.arrow

  • Meal Prep Tips For Runners Short On Time

    By Ashley Lauretta   October 2 2015

    Meal planning can take a lot of time, if you aren't prepared. We have some tips to make it a breeze.arrow

  • Are Ice Baths Worth The Torture?

    By BETH RISDON   October 2 2015

    Are ice baths really worth it? Check out the pros and cons of this recovery ritual.arrow

  • Five Ways to Cross-Train That You Haven’t Thought Of

    By Nicki Miller   September 30 2015

    Chances are you’re not running all the time, but besides yoga and hitting the weights at the gym, what else is there?arrow

  • How Running A Marathon Impacts Your Body

    By Javier Sanchez-Mariscal   September 30 2015

    We commend ourselves and all of your for tackling 26.2, but we like to remember the proper precautions while training.arrow

  • 5 Tips For Cold Weather Running (It’s Coming!)

    By Michelle Dixon   September 29 2015

    Because winter is rapidly approaching, and it's going to be another freezing one. arrow

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