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  • This Is The Easiest Way To Improve Your Posture

    By Ashley Lauretta   November 26 2015

    In 15 minutes per day you can improve your posture for a lifetime.arrow

  • What Should You Do The Week After A Marathon?

    By LAURA SCADUTO   November 26 2015

    What you shouldn't be doing? Running.arrow

  • This Is The Number 1 Reason So Many People Hate To Exercise

    By Anna Quinlan   November 25 2015

    Let your desires shape how you train.arrow

  • Why One Runner Fixed Her Dreaded “Heel Strike”

    By Kristin Lassen   November 25 2015

    One injury-prone runner set out to discover what she was doing wrong. The answer surprised her.arrow

  • Everything You Need To Know About IT Band Syndrome

    By Jen Weir, CSCS, CPT   November 24 2015

    Have you ever devoted yourself whole-heartedly to a training program only to be, literally, stopped in your tracks by a nagging pain in arrow

  • How To Burn Thanksgiving Calories Before You Start Eating

    By Fara Rosenzweig   November 24 2015

    Burn significant calories with this TRX workout so you can indulge at turkey time.arrow

  • How The First Lady Is Helping Kids Get Fitter

    By Caitlyn Pilkington & Jessica Sebor   November 23 2015

    She is making sure the next generation has the tools to live a long and healthy life. arrow

  • Study Shows Tart Cherry Juice Aids In Post-Marathon Recovery

    By Team WR   November 23 2015

    The red fruit win again in aiding hard-working runners in recovery—but this time it's avoid the sniffles, not muscle cramps.arrow

  • 3 Foam Rolling Exercises For The Injury-Prone Runner

    By Jason Devaney   November 23 2015

    These exercises not only help if you are injured but can prevent future injury.arrow

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