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  • The Fitness World Is Booming With New Trends

    By By Victoria Davis and Nicki Miller   July 25 2016

    Here are the products Women's Running tried out at one of the biggest fitness conventions in the world.arrow

  • The Difference Between Good And Bad Pain

    By Hillary Kigar   July 22 2016

    Sometimes pain is a part of running, but how do you know if you need to see a doctor?arrow

  • Don’t Run On Empty Because Of A Low-Carb Diet

    By Liz Gill   July 18 2016

    Is your diet negatively affecting your metabolism and running performance?arrow

  • 7 Steps To Breathe Easier On The Run

    By Jessica Sebor   July 18 2016

    When it comes to breathing on the run, it isn't as intuitive as you'd think.arrow

  • What’s The Deal With Smoking Pot And Running?

    By Allison Pattillo   July 15 2016

    As legal restrictions and moral opposition surrounding marijuana begin to wane, tricky questions emerge regarding drug use and athletics.arrow

  • Here’s Where America Ranks In Skin Cancer Rates

    By Ashley Lauretta   July 15 2016

    A recent study looked at where the highest rates of skin cancer occurs. Where in the world did the US rank? arrow

  • 9 Things Runners Should Never Ever Do

    By Erica Schuckies   July 12 2016

    It is important to have a to-do list when training so you stay on track for your goal race. However, a 'to-don't' list is just as important.arrow

  • Runner Shares Injury Prevention Tips For Masters Athletes

    By Susan Lynn Cooke   July 12 2016

    As a masters runner for New Balance, Susan Lynne Cooke has to take care of her body more than the younger athletes. arrow

  • Most Important Thing That Limits The Effects Of Aging

    By Allie Burdick   July 11 2016

    What can we all do to stay young? The answer to this question is more straightforward than you'd think.arrow

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