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Healthy Lifestyle

  • Try Pool Running Once A Week

    By Allison Pattillo

    Pool running often gets a bad rap, but adding it into your routine can help prevent overstressing your body to keep you running strong.

  • How Jealousy Can Make You A Stronger Runner

    By Hannah Hartzell

    Being jealous isn't always bad if you are able to use it in the right way. Here's a look at how one runner was able to benefit from it.

  • A Scientific Argument For Pre-Race Sex

    By Susan Lacke

    You may have heard that sex before a race can hinder your performance, but researchers have found it may have the opposite effect.

  • Reinvent Yourself As An Older Runner

    By Allie Burdick

    All it takes is a few simple changes and you can be a brand new runner! Here's what to keep in mind as you age up in the sport.

  • 5 Things Always Active People Do

    By Brandon Barthelmeh

    It's okay to be different! These simple things mean that a healthy lifestyle is truly a habit versus something you 'have' to do.

  • A Complete Guide To Shin Splints


    Shin splints are super common—especially in women—but you don't have to suffer from them thanks to all of this information.

  • Proper Posture Affects More Than Just Your Stride

    By Ashley Lauretta

    The next time you are working on your posture, know there are a few more unexpected benefits of standing tall and strong.

  • The Benefits Of Making Your Own Juice At Home

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Though it isn't as convenient as grabbing a juice from the store or local cafe, it can prove to be healthier to make it yourself.

  • The Right And Wrong Way To Foam Roll Your Body

    By Amanda Casanova

    With so many different foam rollers on the market, learn how to choose the best one for you—along with the right way to use it.

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