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Editor’s Corner » Page 4

  • Editor’s Corner: Thigh Problems

    By Jessica Sebor

    A few years ago, I was chatting with a group of women runners when one relayed a funny story about how she started running. She was heading

  • Editor’s Corner: Surviving the Sizzle

    By Jessica Sebor

    When I first moved down to Florida, I could barely bring myself to run outdoors. Living in the Northeast all my life, I was completely

  • Editor’s Corner: Runs in the Family

    By Jessica Sebor

    When it comes to running, I’m all about the buddy system. While there’s something to be said for the mental clarity that comes with

  • Editor’s Corner: Superhumans

    By Jessica Sebor

    I got back from the Olympic Track & Field Trials on Tuesday. Now that I’ve landed back in the real world, I’ve had the time to

  • Editor’s Corner: The Olympics Are Coming!

    By Jessica Sebor

    You’re probably aware of this, but just in case you forgot. THE OLYMPICS START TONIGHT!!! I’m a little excited. Aren’t you? The

  • Editor’s Corner: Track Town USA

    By Jessica Sebor

    Greetings from Eugene! With the nickname ‘Track Town,’ Eugene, Ore., is arguably the most important city for the sport of

  • Editor’s Corner: NYC Cover Shoot

    By Jessica Sebor

    Ever wish you had a backstage pass to a magazine cover shoot? This week, I headed to NYC for the Women’s Running Magazine

  • Editor’s Corner: New Issue Countdown

    By Jessica Sebor

    My current countdown list:  4 days untils the new Women’s Running hits newsstands 6 days until the Olympic Track & Field Trials

  • Editor’s Corner: Adventures in Cross Training

    By Jessica Sebor

    On Women’s Running’s Twitter this week, we asked you to air your biggest #Runfession. We got some great ones, including my personal

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