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  • Editor’s Corner: 6 Lessons from 2012

    By Jessie Sebor   January 4 2013

    What did you learn in the last year? Editor Jessie lists her top running revelations. arrow

  • Editor’s Corner: Lost in the Woods

    By Jessica Sebor   December 14 2012

    Would you run a half marathon with no watch, GPS or mile markers? Editor Jessie did just that and discovered the pleasures of unplugging. arrow

  • Editor’s Corner: Tough Mudder, Wimpy Chick

    By Jessie Sebor   December 7 2012

    How tough can a Tough Mudder be? For editor in chief, Jessie Sebor, there was only one way to find out. . .arrow

  • Editor’s Note: That Runner Look

    By Jessie Sebor   November 30 2012

    If you run, you are a runner—when you’re charging down the street, no one is going to think you look like anything less.arrow

  • Editor’s Corner: Competitive Streak

    By Jessica Sebor   November 16 2012

    How I learned to let go of my ugly competitive streak, trial by foam pit. . .arrow

  • Editor’s Corner: What’s Right?

    By Jessica Sebor   November 2 2012

    Should the New York City Marathon be held in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane? Those closest to the tragedy weigh in. . .arrow

  • Editor’s Corner: Tribute Time

    By Jessica Sebor   October 19 2012

    In which a Women's Running reader becomes a cover model and a blog post morphs into verse. . .arrow

  • Editor’s Corner: Everyone has Obstacles

    By Jessica Sebor   October 12 2012

    Running isn’t easy, no matter where you live or who you are.arrow

  • Editor’s Corner: The Bare Dare 5k

    By Jessica Sebor   October 5 2012

    How the "shyest girl in the world" became the national champion of nude running. . .arrow

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