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All Girlfriend’s Guide to Running » Page 1

  • You Know You’re A “Real” Runner

    By Elizabeth Ewens   February 24 2016

    At what point do you finally own the label "runner"?arrow

  • Why Women Should Own Running As Their Sport

    By Kathleen Woods   February 23 2016

    Women have made amazing strides within the sport of running—and it is only getting better.arrow

  • How Social Media Killed My Run

    By Christine Yu   February 14 2016

    Sometimes those Instagram pics and status updates don't reveal the true parts about running.arrow

  • One Runner’s Account Of Racing After A Stroke

    By Kelly Anderson   February 9 2016

    One runner's medical scare taught her to appreciate life and running even more.arrow

  • What To Say To That Mid-Run Selfie Loving Friend

    By Lizzie Post   February 8 2016

    But what if you don't want to stop for a mid-run snap?arrow

  • For The Mom In Yoga Pants And A Messy Bun

    By Kelly Anderson   February 4 2016

    Some days there just isn't time to look picture perfect. It’s okay, mama—you are not alone.arrow

  • A Love Letter To Our Favorite Gear

    By Jessica Sebor   January 26 2016

    Our editor-in-chief explains why one jacket changed her view of winter running.arrow

  • 8 Ways I Turned Into An Athlete

    By Anoush Arakelian   January 20 2016

    Some runners never see themselves as athletes. But you can relate to at least one of these.arrow

  • How To Handle Bad News From A Running Bud

    By Lizzie Post   December 7 2015

    Not every run can be happy. Here's how to tread lightly around bad news.arrow

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