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Fat Girl Running

  • Why It’s So Important To Set Those Big, Scary Goals

    By Fat Girl Running

    Fat Girl Running shares her goals for the year that are taking her out of her comfort zone, while helping her grow mentally and spiritually.

  • A Firsthand Account Of Running When You’re Sick

    By Fat Girl Running

    Fat Girl Running shares what happened when she tried to run while sick—and what runners everywhere can learn from her experience.

  • Meet The Rising Ultrarunner You Need To Know About

    By Fat Girl Running

    Laura Perry is quickly making a name for herself in the sport. Find out what a typical day looks like for the ultrarunner.

  • Follow This Eating Guide Based On Your Activity Levels

    By Fat Girl Running

    As she resets her nutrition for the New Year, Fat Girl Running shares what she has learned about portions sizes and her training schedule.

  • A Half Marathon Guide For Every Runner And Size

    By Fat Girl Running

    Jill Angie quit her job in corporate America and dedicated her life to helping women of any size reach their running goals.

  • Reclaim Your Good Eating Habits In 3 Steps

    By Fat Girl Running

    If your eating habits were less than stellar last year, use these expert-approved steps to reset your nutrition and start the year strong.

  • 4 Books About Running That I Just Can’t Put Down

    By Fat Girl Running

    This was an amazing year for books all about running. Fat Girl Running shares some of her favorites that you should pick up immediately.

  • A Look Back At Her Accomplishments This Year Will Motivate

    By Fat Girl Running

    Earlier this year, Fat Girl Running shared her SMART goals. How did she do? She reflects on what she learned throughout 2016.

  • 2 Skincare Lines To Moisturize Your Dry Winter Skin

    By Fat Girl Running

    With winter weather comes dry, crackled skin. Fat Girl Running is sharing two skincare lines to keep you moisturized all winter long.

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