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Fat Girl Running

  • Is My Running Habit Ruining My Marriage?

    By Fat Girl Running

    One runner reflects on her marriage and how running has turned out to be the perfect metaphor of the work marriage requires.

  • How I Select My Pre-Run Breakfast

    By Fat Girl Running

    Each long run distance requires a certain amount of fuel and what you eat for breakfast should vary because of that fact.

  • Here’s What To Consider When Dressing For Long Runs

    By Fat Girl Running

    The right gear can make or break a long run. Here is a guide to dressing yourself from head to toe so you are prepared for anything.

  • I'm Confronting My Fear Of Solo Running

    By Fat Girl Running

    Running solo—no matter the location—can sometimes be scary. Here is how one trail runner is conquering her fear and preparing for

  • What Training Is Like For One Runner With Asthma

    By Fat Girl Running

    After fires broke out in her region, poor air quality led to a diagnosis of asthma for Fat Girl Running. Here's how it changed her training.

  • Why I Say BMI Isn't The Whole Health Story

    By Fat Girl Running

    We need to change the way we think about health and weight and realize that the two aren't always as connected as we thought.

  • 5 Beginner-Friendly Ultramarathons On The East Coast

    By Fat Girl Running

    Think you're ready to move past the marathon? Then ultras are for you and these five are a great place to move up your mileage.

  • Why It’s So Important To Set Those Big, Scary Goals

    By Fat Girl Running

    Fat Girl Running shares her goals for the year that are taking her out of her comfort zone, while helping her grow mentally and spiritually.

  • A Firsthand Account Of Running When You’re Sick

    By Fat Girl Running

    Fat Girl Running shares what happened when she tried to run while sick—and what runners everywhere can learn from her experience.

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