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Eat Pray Run DC

  • 3 Things That Helped Me Become A Faster Runner

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    If you are looking to gain some speed, Eat Pray Run DC shares a few things that helped her successfully set some new PRs.

  • How I Knew My Training Plan Was Failing Me

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    No two runners are the same, which is why one plan won't work for everyone. Eat Pray Run DC shares when it's time to find a new one.

  • Be 100% Honest During Training

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    If you want to have success, you need to be honest about where your fitness level is and how dedicated you actually are to training.

  • Making Your Race Schedule Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    If you're still planning out this year's race schedule, Eat Pray Run DC shares how she goes about the process to help inspire you.

  • 3 Ways I'm Setting Up For 2017 Success

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    With everyone planning their yearly goals, one runner shares how she is kicking off the New Year to set herself up for success.

  • 3 Steps To Help You Set Goals For Your Next Race

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    There's more to racing than a PR. Here are some steps to follow to set goals for your upcoming race that align with why you signed up.

  • 4 Reasons To Not Run Sometimes

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    A break is almost as important as the running you do during training. Here is why you need to take an off-season and rest.

  • You Need To Try Cross-Training For These 3 Reasons

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    There are so many ways that cross training can strengthen your body and your running. Eat Pray Run DC shares her top three.

  • 5 Places To Run In Washington D.C.

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    Eat Pray Run DC is a local, and has all of the best spots for runners in the Nation's Capital. She narrowed it down to just five for you.

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