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Eat Pray Run DC

  • 3 Steps To Help You Set Goals For Your Next Race

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    There's more to racing than a PR. Here are some steps to follow to set goals for your upcoming race that align with why you signed up.

  • 4 Reasons To Not Run Sometimes

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    A break is almost as important as the running you do during training. Here is why you need to take an off-season and rest.

  • You Need To Try Cross-Training For These 3 Reasons

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    There are so many ways that cross training can strengthen your body and your running. Eat Pray Run DC shares her top three.

  • 5 Places To Run In Washington D.C.

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    Eat Pray Run DC is a local, and has all of the best spots for runners in the Nation's Capital. She narrowed it down to just five for you.

  • Why I’m Doing A 10-Day Taper Before My Marathon

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    Eat Pray Run DC used to do tapering all wrong. So this marathon training cycle, here's how her 10-day taper is easing the taper madness.

  • Reasons Why Runners Make The Absolute Best Spectators

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    Racing is awesome, but it turns out, spectating can be just as fun! Don't believe us? Eat Pray Run, DC shares three reasons why.

  • Running Camp Is Awesome—And Here’s 3 Reasons Why

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    Eat Pray Run DC just got back from her third running camp—and here is what she has taken away from each that all runner should experience.

  • Tricks To Keep Vacation From Ruining Training

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    Eat Pray Run DC was just on vacation in Las Vegas and still was able to get in a solid amount of mileage. Here's how she did it.

  • 8 Fall Marathons To Sign Up For Now

    By Eat Pray Run DC

    If you've been undecided about running a marathon in the fall, here are a few of our favorites that still have open registration.

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