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  • You’ve Got To Try This At-Home Barre Workout

    By Shalisa Pouw   May 16 2016

    While many people opt to take classes in a studio, this mini version of a workout can be done almost anywhere.arrow

  • Why Yoga Is The Yin To This Runner’s Yang

    By Paria Hassouri   May 6 2016

    Runners can get a lot of unexpected benefits by adding yoga into their routine.arrow

  • Do This Type Of Workout During Commercial Breaks

    By Ashley Lauretta   March 4 2016

    Make the most of your commercial break with one trainer's top moves.arrow

  • Check Out These Stunning Images of Yoga In Dubai

    By Jessica Sebor   March 1 2016

    This is what it looks like more than 20,000 yogis practice together in the middle of a major city!arrow

  • These Are The Best Yoga Poses For Runners

    By Sage Rountree   November 24 2015

    A few routines from the new book Everyday Yoga are perfect for the striding-obsessed.arrow

  • Study Shows Which Muscles Are Strongest In Women

    By Ashley Lauretta   November 11 2015

    This data reveals the strongest muscles for women and men—and it's actually prety surprising.arrow

  • 6 GIFs For A Crunch-Free Core Workout

    By Lindsay Kunkel   October 15 2015

    Let's stop crunching our middles and start doing these easy-to-follow dynamic ab exercises.arrow

  • 4 Hip-Opening Exercises To Reduce Low-Back Pain

    By Fara Rosenzweig   October 7 2015

    Use these TRX moves to reduce back pain and open up your hips.arrow

  • On Becoming A Morning Person

    By KARLYN WILLIAMS   October 6 2015

    One runner sets out on a challenge to become a morning person.arrow

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