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  • Want To Swim Like An Olympian? Here’s How.

    By Nicki Miller

    With fins and hand paddles and some other "toys" for the pool one runner has been able to channel her inner Olympian.

  • 12 Post-Run Yoga Poses To Speed Up Recovery

    By Alexis Glowka

    You may not know it, but yoga and running go hand-in-hand.

  • 3 Things To Know For Your First Yoga Class

    By Ashley Lauretta

    If you have beginner-jitters going into a yoga practice, one teacher has three things to remember.

  • How To Get Started With TRX Yoga

    By Fara Rosenzweig

    With the at-home suspension program, how the heck do you get started combining TRX with yoga?

  • You’ve Got To Try This At-Home Barre Workout

    By Shalisa Pouw

    While many people opt to take classes in a studio, this mini version of a workout can be done almost anywhere.

  • Why Yoga Is The Yin To This Runner’s Yang

    By Paria Hassouri

    Runners can get a lot of unexpected benefits by adding yoga into their routine.

  • Do This Type Of Workout During Commercial Breaks

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Make the most of your commercial break with one trainer's top moves.

  • Check Out These Stunning Images of Yoga In Dubai

    By Jessica Sebor

    This is what it looks like more than 20,000 yogis practice together in the middle of a major city!

  • These Are The Best Yoga Poses For Runners

    By Sage Rountree

    A few routines from the new book Everyday Yoga are perfect for the striding-obsessed.

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