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  • 5 Common Summer Skin Problems And How To Handle


    Heat, humidity and salt can wreak havoc on your skin. Here are tips from the pros on how to protect your skin during the hot months.

  • Coconut Oil Can Replace These 8 Beauty Products

    By Team WR

    You don't have to just keep your love of coconut oil restricted to the kitchen!

  • Why You Should Add Blueberries To Your Beauty Routine

    By Team WR

    Here's a new way to play with your food.

  • 3 Olympians Share Their Go-To Race Day Beauty Products

    By Team WR

    One shares that makeup and nail polish are her version of 'war paint.'

  • Do These 5 Things To Take Care Of Your Mind And Body

    By Allison Pattillo

    Up your sense of inner beauty to uncover a calmer, more joyful you.

  • 6 Of Our Favorite Lips Balms That Offer Sun Protection

    By Team WR

    Did your know your lower lip is more likely to be affected by skin cancer than your upper?

  • How To Wear 5 Popular Hairstyles On The Run

    By Yuki Hayashi

    We rounded up the most popular summer haircuts and showcase how real runners wear them on the run.

  • Avoid Summer Skin Bummers With These Tips

    By Fara Rosenzweig

    Now that we are in full-blown summer, the sun blunders are out in full force.

  • 10 Best DIY Summer Foot Treatments

    By Dale Noelle

    Put your best foot forward this summer with the help of Dale Noelle! Below are some of the ways Dale keeps her feet looking summer time

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