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  • Answers to Runners’ Top 8 Beauty Questions!

    By Marisa Walker   January 7 2014

    We asked our top skin- and haircare experts to find out how runners can stay fresh as we sweat through our day!arrow

  • Find the Perfect Skincare Routine for Every Skin Type!

    By Stephanie Cajigal   December 10 2013

    What’s the quickest way to perfect skin? Get personal! Tailor your routine to your unique skin type and light up the room.arrow

  • 4 Hairstyles For Runners (with Step-By-Step Directions)!

    By Marisa Walker   October 23 2013

    Up your mane game with looks created specifically for runners by star stylists who know how to frame a face.arrow

  • Best Body Products for Runners (Elite-Athlete Approved!)

    By Jessica Sebor   October 3 2013

    For professional runners, showering is part of the job.arrow

  • Run Gear for the Perfect Race Picture!

    By Marisa Walker   August 27 2013

    Stuff these items in your race bag to get photo-ready in a flash.arrow

  • 3 Tips to Get Your Best Race Photo!

    By Marisa Walker   August 26 2013

    Get a frame-worthy race shot with these tips from a professional photographer!arrow

  • Natural Beauty Routines for Glowing Results!

    By Marisa Walker   July 26 2013

    Boost the health and appearance of skin, hair, hands and feet with a little help from your fridge!arrow

  • Aromatherapy Beauty Products for Runners!

    By Marisa Walker   July 5 2013

    Breathe deep and experience the athletic and emotional benefits of aromatherapy.arrow

  • Super Beauty Foods

    By Marisa Walker   May 17 2013

    In the market for that moonbeam effect? Radiant skin starts with a healthy diet, full of nutritious foods that boost your luminosity.arrow

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