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  • You Could Be Using The Wrong Shampoo For Winter

    By Marisa Walker

    You may not know this, but the shampoo that you are using may be made for summer. Here's what to look for with the new season.

  • Everything To Know About Exercising In A Wig

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Millions of women wear a wig daily—and you can absolutely still work out with them. One expert shares everything you need to know.

  • Two Common Skincare Mistakes You’re Making This Winter

    By Marisa Walker

    Don't make these leg- and feet-care mistakes during the winter just because you are wearing boots and pants all season long. Give them love!

  • The Most Important Ingredient Your Sunscreen Should Have

    By Allison Pattillo

    The sun is one of the biggest dangers for runners. Here is what your sunscreen should be made of to help keep you protected.

  • Does Running Damage Color-Treated Hair?!

    By Ashley Lauretta

    You spend so much time and money at the salon on cuts and your color-treated hair—are you damaging it by running? A senior stylist

  • 6 Beauty Products That Benefit Great Causes

    By Team WR

    So many options to smell and feel good, from the inside out and outside in.

  • Some First-Aid Essentials Every Trail Runner Needs

    By Susan Lacke

    When you know you'll be out of the urban sprawl and easy access to medical care, here's the first-aid items you should always have on hand.

  • Does Running Age Your Face And Skin?

    By Ashley Lauretta

    We can't do much to stop aging—unless we are talking about our skin. Here's what one doctor says about aging skin and exercise.

  • 5 Common Summer Skin Problems And How To Handle


    Heat, humidity and salt can wreak havoc on your skin. Here are tips from the pros on how to protect your skin during the hot months.

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