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Alexi Pappas

  • This Poem Reminds Us To Never Dismiss Past Goals

    By Alexi Pappas

    Professional runner Alexi Pappas penned a poem about the goal setting process and what they reveal to us about ourselves.

  • A Poetic Ode To Our Rockin’ Bodies

    By Alexi Pappas

    Elite runner Alexi Pappas takes a moment to reflect on the grace and beauty of the runner's body and how it moves in her latest poem.

  • A Poem About Returning To Familiar Running Routes

    By Alexi Pappas

    Alexi Pappas penned some prose inspired by a recent return to the mountains to run with her idols Desi Linden and Deena Kastor.

  • Is This Poem About Racing Or Prepping?

    By Alexi Pappas

    Her beautiful words slay us every time.

  • A Poem About Leaving A Mark On The Trail

    By Alexi Pappas

    Alexi Pappas penned a poem about the mark that is left behind when we set foot on the trails that we have come to know so well.

  • Alexi Pappas Writes Poem On Competition

    By Alexi Pappas

    Love this poem!

  • A Poem About Post-Rio New Beginnings

    By Alexi Pappas

    Alexi Pappas had quite the year, and now she pens a poem about looking back on past accomplishments and moving slowly toward new beginnings.

  • A Poem About The Out And Back Run

    By Alexi Pappas

    Alexi Pappas pens a short poem that makes all of us realize that out and back runs are a larger accomplishment than we realize.

  • A Poem About Forgetting Your First Run

    By Alexi Pappas

    This poem is all of us.

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