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  • Partner Connect: How To Turn a Hotel Towel into a Barbell

    By fueled by EVEN Hotels   January 16 2015

    These three moves provide a surprisingly challenging total-body workout. A simple towel is all you need for a challenging total-body arrow

  • Partner Connect: How To Discreetly Exercise Mid-Flight — Yes It is

    By fueled by EVEN Hotels   January 16 2015

    If you’re thinking an airplane may not be the best place for an all-out workout, it’s likely your seatmate would agree. But that arrow

  • 6 Tips For Running While Traveling

    By Susan Lacke   December 31 2014

    Don’t let travel plans sidetrack your training! Get moving while on the go.arrow

  • Partner Connect: 4 Farmers Markets You Won’t Want To Miss

    By fueled by EVEN Hotels   December 22 2014

    When visiting a new town, browsing the stands of a farmers’ market is a great way to see a community and experience its homegrown arrow

  • Carry-On Essentials From Triathlete Magazine’s Julia

    By fueled by EVEN Hotels   December 11 2014

    This article comes from our partner Check out, and read about how easy it is to make wellness a part arrow

  • Runcation Destination: Tallahassee

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   November 19 2014

    This panhandle capital is a runner girl’s Southern charm.arrow

  • See You Later, Stairmaster: Make The City Your Gym

    By fueled by EVEN Hotels   November 16 2014

    Deciding between a workout and some sightseeing? Deliberate no more. Between traffic signals and tree branches, park benches and City Hall arrow

  • Why Pumpkin Seeds Should Be In Your Next Carry-On

    By fueled by EVEN Hotels   November 16 2014

    America’s recent obsession with pumpkin has manifested itself in a whole flurry of fall-flavored snacks: pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin arrow

  • The Best Sneakers for Packing

    By fueled by EVEN Hotels   November 16 2014

    Sneakers can be clunky, hard to smoosh and add unwanted pounds to your carry-on, right? Not anymore. Athletic-wear brands are stepping up arrow

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