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  • Your Running Gear Packing List For A Long Weekend

    By Susan Lacke   September 2 2015

    Going away for the long weekend? Here's what running gear should go with you.arrow

  • What It’s Like To Run Through The Holy Land

    By Steve Godwin   August 26 2015

    "Israel On Foot" episode 1 marks the beginning of Team WR's on-foot journey through Jerusalem. arrow

  • Trailer: What’s It Like To Experience Israel On Foot?

    By Steve Godwin   August 21 2015

    What would running be like in a country known for a history of simmering unrest?arrow

  • These High Altitude Destinations Are Our Dream Vacations

    By Susan Lacke   August 7 2015

    Travel to these elevated getaways to help your running and see amazing sights.arrow

  • 3 High Altitude Getaways That Can Improve Your Running

    By Susan Lacke   July 28 2015

    Take your vacation to new heights by visiting these picturesque destinations within the US.arrow

  • 7 Spots For Chicago Runners

    By Jessica Sebor   July 7 2015

    Whether you’re passing through or staying a few days for a race in the Windy City, check out some of our top picks for running spots arrow

  • The Most Gorgeous Alaskan Race You’ll Ever Do

    By Jessica Sebor   June 23 2015

    A 110-mile Alaskan road relay delivers an off-beat race that makes runners go a little wild. arrow

  • 5 Great Races For Beginner Runners

    By Kara Deschenes   June 17 2015

    A newbie-turned-race-veteran lends event ideas for beginner runners looking to cruise through their first finish lines.arrow

  • One Airport Turned A Terminal Into An Indoor Track

    By Team WR   June 15 2015

    Ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo's Narita Airport has been redesigned with a track and field theme.arrow

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