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  • Salomon Running TV: Running The Streets Of Barcelona

    By Team WR   April 28 2016

    In the third episode of Salomon Running TV’s Season 5, see what it is like to run the streets of Barcelona.arrow

  • What It’s Like To Compete In The World’s

    By NANCY HESLIN   April 21 2016

    Ötillö is a SwimRun race in Sweden that takes you from island to island.arrow

  • This Race In Sweden Takes You From Island To Island

    By Nancy Heslin   April 19 2016

    Get off the beaten track on Stockholm’s archipelago, but remember to pack a wetsuit.arrow

  • A Retreat That Redefines Women’s Running

    By Nicki Miller   March 31 2016

    Registration opens April 2 for the second Rock Retreat Run.arrow

  • 7 Expert Tips For Your Next Destination Race

    By As told to Kara Descenes   March 16 2016

    After finishing a half marathon on every continent, this runner shares her best advice for running overseas.arrow

  • What Is It Really Like To Run In Iran?

    By Jennifer Hattam   February 2 2016

    Despite restrictions, sports offer some freedoms to Iranian women.arrow

  • She Ran 850 Miles In The Footsteps of WWII Soldiers

    By Nicki Miller   January 25 2016

    This 23-year-old followed in the footsteps of World War II soldiers—on a two-month, 850-mile run.arrow

  • The Best Running Spots In Los Angeles

    By Jessica Sebor   January 18 2016

    Some of the fastest marathoners in the country share seven running spots to seek sanctuary. arrow

  • 5 Reasons To Add Tokyo To Your Marathon Bucket List

    By Allison Pattillo   December 15 2015

    The sights and sounds of this city are well worth a visit.arrow

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