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Articles by Susan Lacke

  • A Scientific Argument For Pre-Race Sex

    By Susan Lacke

    You may have heard that sex before a race can hinder your performance, but researchers have found it may have the opposite effect.

  • Kick Off The Year With Our Simple 31-Day Challenge

    By Susan Lacke

    This challenge is full of simple steps to kick-start your healthiest, happiest year. Focus on self-improvement with these little goals.

  • How To Treat Bruises, Cuts And Scratches On The Trail

    By Susan Lacke

    If you find yourself on the trail needing to treat bruises, bug bites or more, here's what you need to know about first aid on-the-go.

  • Some First-Aid Essentials Every Trail Runner Needs

    By Susan Lacke

    When you know you'll be out of the urban sprawl and easy access to medical care, here's the first-aid items you should always have on hand.

  • These Are The KT Tapes You Should Be Using

    By Susan Lacke

    Learn the how and why of KT Tape, including our favorite brands.

  • This Is How You Should Be Using Kinesiology Tape

    By Susan Lacke

    Is taping every injury beneficial?

  • When You’re Not A 20-Something Runner Anymore

    By Susan Lacke

    You’re not 20 anymore (and it kind of sucks).

  • 1 In 3 Females Experience ‘The Pee Problem’

    By Susan Lacke

    You have probably experience this but were too embarrassed to admit it. You're not alone.

  • How To Safely Run Through Mud, Snow and Ice

    By Susan Lacke

    From wet, slippery mud to slick ice—here's what you need to know to stay injury-free on trails.

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