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Articles by Steve Godwin


Women's Running Senior Video Producer Steve Godwin fits his training in by chasing elite runners around while carrying a camera. With more than 15 years of experience in TV, film and video, his specialty is creating original content in the running, triathlon and cycling space. Steve is a marathon and IRONMAN finisher and looking forward to running his first NYC Marathon in 2015. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @sgodwinfilms.

  • Mile 25 Had The Best Race Signs

    By Steve Godwin

    Which ones were your favorite?

  • One Runner Wore A GoPro And Ran The NYC Marathon

    By Steve Godwin

    Here are the photos he grabbed—can you tell where they were shot in the five boroughs?

  • The New York City Marathon Expo Is Making Us Jealous!

    By Steve Godwin

    Just look at all those crazy cool NYC limited edition shoes!

  • This City Is A Running Hot Spot In Israel

    By Steve Godwin

    "Tel Aviv is like the New York of Israel."

  • Here Are Some Pretty Humbling Words From Cover Runner Sarah

    By Steve Godwin

    During our October cover shoot in San Diego, Sarah Attar not only had a perfect, professional stride—she also some pretty profound things

  • Video Shows Gleeful Finish Line Of An Overnight Race

    By Steve Godwin

    In episode 3 of "Israel On Foot," Women's Running learns about the growing popularity of running among women in Israel.

  • Behind The Scenes Of An Overnight Relay Race Through Israel

    By Steve Godwin

    Get in touch with some of the runners who ran all day and night through the heart of the Holy Land.

  • What It’s Like To Run Through The Holy Land

    By Steve Godwin

    "Israel On Foot" episode 1 marks the beginning of Team WR's on-foot journey through Jerusalem.

  • Trailer: What’s It Like To Experience Israel On Foot?

    By Steve Godwin

    What would running be like in a country known for a history of simmering unrest?