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Articles by Run Far Girl

Sarah Canney is the girl behind Mom to three little ones, Sarah takes them along with her on runs whenever she can. She is an avid runner and certified run coach, with eight marathons and slew of half marathons under her belt. Her marathon PR is 3:25. When the weather turns cold, she straps on the snowshoes and runs the trails near her home. She qualified for the National Snowshoe Running Championships in 2014. Sarah is also a passionate fundraiser for a children's hospital where her son, Jack, received care as an infant. After a nine-year battle with bulima, Sarah has reached a point of peace and freedom with her body and openly shares her journey. She is an ambassador for Stonyfield, ForTwoFitness and Dr. Cool. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram as @runfargirl.

  • Get Intimate With Your Running At This Women’s Retreat

    By Run Far Girl

    Back for its third year, Rise.Run.Retreat. takes runners to a scenic location to learn about—and grow their love—for running.

  • 4 Nutrition Tips To Maximize Training

    By Run Far Girl

    The food you eat can make or break your body's ability to get across the finish line. Add these things into your diet habits.

  • 3 Things To Prep For Spring Running

    By Run Far Girl

    There are just a few more weeks until spring arrives. Get ready for the change in season by adding these things to your training.

  • How To Pace Your Next Half Marathon

    By Run Far Girl

    Here's the final piece of the puzzle in making sure you are ready to tackle your half marathon. Use this guide to finish strong.

  • 4 Runners Share How They Got Over A DNF

    By Run Far Girl

    Known as a DNF, it can be one of the most disappointing times in a runner's career. Here's how to overcome it if it happens to you.

  • 4 Things That Every New Runner Should Know

    By Run Far Girl

    Here are some things that new runners need to know before the very first run—including when you actually become a runner.

  • Signs You Suffer From Distorted Body Image

    By Run Far Girl

    Run Far Girl knows what it is like to have distorted body image firsthand, and is sharing some signs that you may have it, too.

  • 10 Things Runners Shouldn't Do In 2017

    By Run Far Girl

    As you make your list of all the goals and resolutions you want to do in the New Year, consider these things you shouldn't do, as well.

  • 3 Life Lessons From Snowshoe Running

    By Run Far Girl

    Snowshoe running has taught Run Far Girl a lot of lessons—and these three specifically carry over into her everyday life.

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