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Articles by Powdered Feet

Passionate about community, mental health and fitness, I am an endurance athlete, Under Armour athlete and believer that sport has the power to change lives. My nickname “powdered feet” comes from the Haitian Kreyol saying, which describes a person so active that you never see them, just the footprints of where they’ve been in powder. I started running after a period of depression, and, over the past 4 years, have been able to Find Meaning on the Run. My running journey started with a blog,, and eventually expanded into a transformative movement known as Harlem Run. When I’m not running, I’m working to resolve and speaking passionately about issues related to women and girls. Find meaning on the run with me at @powderedfeet on Instagram and Twitter!

  • Using Fitness As Empowerment And To Stop Silently Suffering

    By Powdered Feet

    An important reminder that making an action plan—and being gentle with yourself—is one way to get through difficult times.

  • I'm Getting Ready For Boston Injured

    By Powdered Feet

    With just a few weeks left until the Boston Marathon, Alison Désir shares how she is preparing despite an overuse injury.

  • 5 Reasons Running Is The Best Way To See A New City

    By Powdered Feet

    Next time you are traveling, here are a few simple reasons to pack a pair of running shoes as your mode of transportation.

  • 20 Things Runners Know To Be True

    By Powdered Feet

    We love our non-running friends, but there are some things about us they will never understand—especially these 20 things.

  • A Call To #BeBoldForChange On International Women’s Day

    By Powdered Feet

    Leading up to International women's Day on March 8, Alison Désir reflects on how far we've come—and what still needs to be done.

  • Alison Désir Shares What’s Next For Run4AllWomen

    By Powdered Feet

    After it raised over $100K for Planned Parenthood, now you have the opportunity to plan a Run 4 All Women of your own this summer.

  • Why Sports Are, In Fact, Political

    By Powdered Feet

    It's easy to dismiss sports and running as a political act, but Alison Désir explains how the two constantly intersect in past and present.

  • Alison Desir's 4 Women 4 All Women Speech

    By Powdered Feet

    On Saturday, January 21 at 6:21 a.m., the runners reached the Capitol in Washington, D.C. from Harlem, N.Y.

  • The Woman Behind Planned Parenthood Run

    By Powdered Feet

    The New Year inspired Alison Désir to use the sport as a vehicle for social change by raising funds for Planned Parenthood.

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