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Articles by Nat Runs Far

Natalie Mitchell is NatRunsFar. Natalie is mom to three young kiddos and wife to her best friend. She is a seven-time marathoner, four-time Boston qualifier and five-time triathlete. Natalie enjoys taking her readers on a journey of running, inspiration, motherhood, chasing dreams and how to balance it all with a smile. When she isn't running, you'll find her playing with her kids on the beach, hiking, baking or reading. Natalie and her family also love to travel and you can find pictures of their outdoor adventures at and social media. She is an ambassador for Procompression and Stonyfield. Follow her daily musings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @NatRunsFar.

  • Ways To Keep Marathon Training Fresh

    By Nat Runs Far

    Worried about monotony? Don't be.

  • I'm Mommy, But I'm Also A Runner

    By Nat Runs Far

    She reflects on why she loves sharing the identities of mom and runner—and what she hopes her kids remember as they grow.

  • 5 Things I've Learned About The Marathon

    By Nat Runs Far

    After two Boston Marathons—making it eight total—Nat Runs Far has learned a thing or two about succeeding at the distance.

  • How To Handle Plantar Fasciitis

    By Nat Runs Far

    If you think you have plantar fasciitis, here are a few things that you can do to aid the healing process and mentally cope.

  • 10 Easy Dynamic Stretches To Do Before You Run

    By Nat Runs Far

    Avoid injury by warming up before every run. Follow along with the video and learn 10 easy stretches to add to your routine.

  • You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Good Enough

    By Nat Runs Far

    After running cross country for a few years in high school, one runner started to not feel good enough—and it stuck with her for years.

  • 5 On-The-Go Snacks When You Need Immediate Fuel

    By Nat Runs Far

    Need a quick pick-me-up after a workout but don't have time for a full meal? Grab one of these snacks to hold you over and fuel up.

  • 5 Great Running Date Ideas

    By Nat Runs Far

    Here is how you can celebrate your love of running and your significant other by combining the two and planning the perfect running date.

  • Goodbye, Running Shoes, Goodbye!

    By Nat Runs Far

    After miles upon miles of both easy and hard ones, one runner says goodbye to her favorite pair to make way for a new one.

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