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Articles by Laura Macchiavelli

Laura Macchiavelli (Lau) is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and overall health junkie. A graduate from California Polytechnic State University with a degree in business administration, Laura fell in love with fitness during her second year at school and hasn’t looked back since. After getting certified through Schwinn for Indoor Cycling, Laura found a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals and decided to take a leap of faith by getting her ACE Personal Training Certification. When she isn’t helping others tap into the confidence and strength they have within, Laura can be found finding new ways to push herself on her own fitness journey. Her favorite workouts include Orangetheory Fitness, indoor cycling classes, interval running (hill sprints anyone?) and bootcamp classes! When she’s not working up a sweat, you can find Laura in the kitchen finding ways to make meals that are delicious and nutritious. Can’t get enough of Laura? Stay up to date with her on Instagram and Facebook.