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Articles by Kathleen Woods

Hi, my name is Kathleen Woods! I'm from a small beach town in New York, known as Rockaway Beach. I ran cross country at Fairfield University, and I'll graduate May 2016 with a double major degree in English and Sociology. I've been running competitively for eight years now, and my goal is to complete a marathon in the next couple of years.

  • Try These 3 Techniques To Make Breathing On The Run Easier

    By Kathleen Woods

    Is your huffing and puffing off while you run? Try these three things.

  • 6 Pros And Cons Of Training With A GPS Watch

    By Kathleen Woods

    Here’s why we love to hate GPS watches—but also hate to love them too.

  • 5 Types Of Food To Never Eat Before A Run

    By Kathleen Woods

    You know that some foods are better than others pre-run, but do you know what they are?

  • Why You Should Add Long Slow Runs To Your Training

    By Kathleen Woods

    Every runner has long runs during their training, but how fast should you be running them?

  • 5 Ways To Beat The Hot, Hot Heat On The Run

    By Kathleen Woods

    You don't have to let toasty temperatures and the approaching summer hinder your training.

  • Why Runners Should Consider Kinesiology Tape

    By Kathleen Woods

    Some even say it has runner superpowers.

  • How To Start With A Clean Slate After A Bad Race

    By Kathleen Woods

    We've all had those dismal races. Here's how to bounce back.

  • Why You Should Definitely Try Hill Workouts

    By Kathleen Woods

    Yes, running up helps make you a stronger runner, and here's why.

  • Two Huge Causes Of Anemia In Female Runners

    By Kathleen Woods

    There are quite a few anemic female runners out there—but what causes it and what can be done about it?

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