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Articles by Run Selfie Repeat

My name is Kelly Roberts, and I'm the former president of the "I Hate Running Club." No—but really. While struggling to grieve the loss of my brother and maintain a healthy body weight (after losing more than 75 pounds), I thought, "What better way to run from my problems than to actually run from my problems?" Since those painful first runs, I've conquered everything from marathons to 5Ks and haven't looked back. I created my blog,, to inspire others to get active while making them laugh hysterically—because laughing, in my opinion, is the solution to everything. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram (mostly eating cheese burgers, taking selfies with handsome men and terrorizing my sister) @KellyKKRoberts or on my YouTube channel!

  • 9 Moves Physical Therapists Want Runners To Do

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    Don't wait until you are injured to start adding these prehabbing moves into your routine—here's how often you should be doing them.

  • 10 Relatable Confessions Of Run Rage From Real Runners

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    You'll laugh at—and totally recognize—these confessions of run rage, full of yelling, tears and even a pair of shorts full of poop.

  • I'm Size 10 And Run In My Sports Bra

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    You may be nervous to run in a sports bra sans shirt, but Run Selfie Repeat shares what it has done for her running and confidence.

  • 11 Scariest Parts About Joining A Run Group

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    So you want to join a running group, but find yourself just running scared? One runner acknowledges the scariest part about joining in.

  • Why I'm Grateful I Missed My Goal

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    After she failed to get her Boston Qualifier time, Run Selfie Repeat reflects on what she learned and why she's grateful for the experience.

  • My Weight Isn’t A Problem, The Way Trump Talks About

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    No matter what your affiliation, Run Selfie Repeat asks that you take some time to consider why Trump's talk about women is harmful.

  • 3 Ways To Make Speed Work Not Suck

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    Speed work doesn't have to be horrible—if you set your expectations correctly. See what advice Run Selfie Repeat has to share.

  • What I've Learned While Training For A BQ

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    Three weeks before she will attempt to qualify for Boston, Run Selfie Repeat shares what she has learned about 'impossible' goals.

  • 10 Ways Our Friends Can Make Us Happier Runners

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    Our friends are there until the end—and they make runner life even sweeter. Run Selfie Repeat explains how they make us better.

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