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Articles by Kristan Dietz

Freelance Web Editor for Women's Running Magazine

  • 12 Fast Facts About The Boston Marathon

    By Kristan Dietz

    Marathon Monday is basically Christmas for runners everywhere. Here are a few fast facts everyone should know about the iconic race.

  • The Best Treadmill Survival Playlist

    By Kristan Dietz

    Conquer your next treadmill run with the help of this playlist.

  • Everyday Runner Alex Bernardi Is Running The Olympic Trials

    By Kristan Dietz

    She's just one of many runners who run at high speeds and also maintain full-time jobs and other life duties.

  • The Best Long-Run Playlist

    By Kristan Dietz

    This playlist will make you so excited to start your longest run of the week.

  • 5 Reasons Runners Should Eat Cheese

    By Kristan Dietz

    Celebrate National Cheese Lover's Day with a few slices of your favorite.

  • The One Issue With Mark Zuckerberg’s Year Of Running

    By Kristan Dietz

    And a few great things about his new goal.

  • The Best Marathon Playlist Ever

    By Kristan Dietz

    That song that gets stuck in your head every race—yeah, it's on here.

  • The Best Running Gifts On Amazon Prime

    By Kristan Dietz

    If you haven't started shopping yet, we've found the best gifts for runners.

  • Get Moving With Our December 2015 Playlist

    By Kristan Dietz

    Once these beats hit your ears, you'll be so excited to run!

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