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Articles by Heather Wilson-Phillips

Heather Wilson-Phillips is the owner of The Fitness Empire and the host and producer of Fierce N’ Fit Workouts. She’s also the creator of Fierce N’ 30 Challenge and GLO events, where she is a motivational coach and speaker. She is a fitness, nutrition and Lifestyle coach, holdings several certifications that allow her to accommodate a range of clients. She dabbled in many sports when she was young; however, track and field became her true passion when she became a sprinter, competing for Canada and on the national level. Her strong faith in God allows her to keep pushing forward each day–follow Heather on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Check Out These Resistance Band Glute Bridges

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    It's time to fire up your glute muscles with this move—and all you need is a resistance band! Follow along with the video and feel the

  • VIDEO: Get Plyo In With Reverse Power Lunges

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    This short interval workout will increase your strength and speed, making it the perfect quick workout for runners.

  • Okay, This Move Is Actually Kind Of Fun And Makes You Sweat

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    By combining these two step-up moves you mimic running, which will help your runner's body get strong and even more powerful.

  • This New Version Of Jumping Jacks Is A Calorie Slasher

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    It's time to take your workout to the next level with this spin on regular jumping jacks.

  • The Best Way To Spice Up Your Plank Routine

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    Flip your plank around and try this reverse plank. Add in a kick and you've got a total toning move. Follow along with the video!

  • Use Side Plank Crunches To Prevent Injury

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    This move strengthens much more than your core—it will help you strengthen your lower back to help prevent pain and injury.

  • Activate Your Obliques With One Core Move

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    Squeeze the sides of your abs with this dynamic move, that will also give you a good full body stretch.

  • Pushup Modification Is A Killer

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    Looking for a way to increase arm strength and boost hip flexibility? Do it all with this move.

  • Plank Version Is Killer And Effective

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    Who is ready to up their plank game?!

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