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Articles by Hannah Hartzell

Hello! My name is Hannah Hartzell. I am student, an athlete and an all-around enthusiastic person! I grew up in Lewis Center, Ohio and currently run cross country and track for Butler University. When I’m not running, I'm most likely studying, drinking tea or hiking (I fit sleep in there somewhere). I’ve gained valuable experience as a prior communications intern for Just Between Us Magazine and the Columbus Running Company. You can read more of my musings at A Grateful Life Lived, and connect with me on Instagram. See you out on the trails!

  • How I Overcame Anorexia

    By Hannah Hartzell

    During her eating disorder recovery, one runner found strength through her cross country teammates.

  • When Love For Running Turns Into Obsession

    By Hannah Hartzell

    A collegiate runner looks at what can happen when running becomes too much of a fixation in your life and resembles an obsession.

  • Should You Run A Race Wearing A Watch?

    By Hannah Hartzell

    One runner shares the pros and cons of wearing a watch—GPS or not—during a cross country race and what you should consider.

  • Stop Not Doing Things Because Of Fear

    By Hannah Hartzell

    Here's how one runner's fear of geese turned into an important lesson about confronting fear head on in both running and in life.

  • How Jealousy Can Make You A Stronger Runner

    By Hannah Hartzell

    Being jealous isn't always bad if you are able to use it in the right way. Here's a look at how one runner was able to benefit from it.

  • Ways To Bond With Your Teammates

    By Hannah Hartzell

    Here are a few simple ways to come together as a team and ensure you are all working toward the same goals—while having fun, too!

  • Our Love For Running Keeps Us Gritty

    By Hannah Hartzell

    In these situations the most important thing you can do? Remember why you run.

  • A Cross-Country Runner’s Real Confession About Body

    By Hannah Hartzell

    One college runner shares her struggle with body image and what she hopes every young runner will learn sooner rather than later.

  • This One’s For The Winter Running Buddies That Warm

    By Hannah Hartzell

    Even on the coldest of winter runs, a good running buddy or team can make all of the difference. One runner explains our gratitude.

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