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Travel Destinations For Runners Of All Stripes

Mostly E’s: Foodie

Good runs, good food, good beer, good company, good times—what’s not to love about these delicious destinations?

Austin, Texas

From decadent breakfast tacos to mouth-watering BBQ to over-the-top sweet treats, this foodie paradise has no shortage of options for indulging your post-run cravings—which, of course, you’ll have because if there’s anything Austin does better than food, it’s trails—the city is a trail runner’s paradise.

Run It

Route: Circle Lady Bird Lake on the Butler Trail, a 10-mile loop that provides some of the most entertaining people-watching you’ll ever get on a run.

Race: The Fun Stop 5K (formerly the Keep Austin Weird 5K) lives up to its name, with 15 “fun stops” that offer aid in unconventional ways. Just take your vodka shot, jump in the foam pit and go with it.

New Orleans, La.

Food is no joke in The Big Easy. New Orleans is so loaded with everything a foodie could want, from haute cuisine to five-star food trucks. It can feel impossible to pick just one. Po-Boys, beignets, crawfish crepes, shrimp remulade, Willie Mae’s fried chicken? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

Run It

Route: The 2-mile path at Audubon park is straight out of a postcard, winding past historic homes, around quiet lagoons and under moss-draped oak trees. Go early in the morning to beat the humidity (and crowds).

Tour: Get a history lesson with your miles by signing up for a New Orleans Jogging Tour, a hosted 10K run that hits all the sights of the French Quarter, cemetery and Garden District.

San Francisco, Calif.

With plenty of award-winning restaurants, a legendary food market and a mind-blowing hole-in-the-wall eatery on just about every block, the City by the Bay boasts a dining scene that’s vast in volume and diversity. The same can be said for San Francisco’s running scene, widely considered to be one of the best in the U.S.

Run It

Route: With expansive views of the Bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field is a rite of passage for every runner in San Francisco. Start at Fort Mason and follow the route to the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge, where the famous Hopper’s Hands, a small bronzed handprint, is high-fived by a steady stream of runners throughout the day.

Race: Bay to Breakers, the world’s oldest footrace, is not your average running event. For one, it’s a strange distance: 12 kilometers. But the big giveaway is the 110,000 wildly costumed runners who are just as fun-loving and colorful as the host city.


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