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Travel Destinations For Runners Of All Stripes

Where To Get Your Run On

For runners, there’s no better way to sightsee than by lacing up a pair of shoes and logging some super-scenic miles. But where to? Take our quiz to discover your perfect getaway.

1.) When it comes to vacay, I am all about:

a) Building memories with the family.

b) Unplugging my phone and connecting with nature.

c) Exploring someplace new.

d) Epic adventures.

e) Good food and better beer.

2.) What’s your idea of the perfect place to stay?

a) A rental house with a big kitchen.

b) A tent.

c) A chic boutique hotel.

d) A treehouse.

e) A bed and breakfast.

3.) Who’s your perfect travel buddy?

a) I’m bringing the whole fam!

b) My sweetie—we need some uninterrupted “we time.”

c) I’m cool with flying solo.

d) My crazy BFF—she’s up for anything!

e) Anyone who understands that I don’t share dessert. Ever.

4.) Which of these souvenirs are you most likely to bring home?

a) A Christmas ornament.

b) A pressed wildflower from the trail.

c) A custom piece from a local artist.

d) An epic selfie.

e) Locally-made gourmet foods.

5.) I can’t fly without:

a) Snacks, wipes and activities for the kids.

b) A dog-eared copy of Thoreau’s Walden.

c) All the latest Oscar-nominated documentaries.

d) An energy drink.

e) Artisanal noshes—you really expect me to eat airplane food?

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