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Photos From Under Armour’s Mountain Running Series

Under Armour launched its second annual Mountain Running Series at Copper Mountain in Colorado on Saturday, July 14. With a starting-line elevation of 9,800 feet and climbs reaching approximately 12,000 feet, the four race lengths (5K, 10K, 25K and 50K) tested each runner’s endurance in different ways, with one consistent theme: the elevation was killer. Browse through photos of runners tackling the Copper Mountain courses above and read our interview with Kelly Wolf, the female winner of the 25K, here.


Kelly Wolf Wins 25K At Under Armour Mountain Running Series

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Team WR

Team WR

Team WR represents the Women's Running staff and community behind the magazine and womensrunning.com. The team was created in July 2014 when Women's Running underwent its first re-design since it debuted in 2009. Collectively, Team WR has run everything, from marathon, to half, to novelty runs, to ultras, to 10K and 5K races, to obstacle events, to triathlons.