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Behind The Scenes Of Our July Cover Shoot With Hillary Allen

Stronger Than Ever

Ultrarunner Hillary Allen appears on the cover of our July 2018 “Body” issue, hitting newsstands on June 12. Still recovering from the 150-foot fall she endured during a race last year that broke 12 of her bones, Allen has recently returned to the sport she loves and is determined to become an even stronger competitor than she was before. Browse photos from Allen’s cover shoot in Boulder, Colo. above and┬ápick up your copy of our July issue later this month to learn more about Allen’s journey.


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Team WR

Team WR

Team WR represents the Women's Running staff and community behind the magazine and womensrunning.com. The team was created in July 2014 when Women's Running underwent its first re-design since it debuted in 2009. Collectively, Team WR has run everything, from marathon, to half, to novelty runs, to ultras, to 10K and 5K races, to obstacle events, to triathlons.