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A Letter Addressing This Year’s Enduring Winter Weather

Dear Swinter,

Yes, this is an interesting time of year. You just can’t seem to figure out if you want to let the joy of spring take hold or if winter should have one last chance to show its strength. One day we are all out enjoying our runs in shorts and tank tops, enjoying the warm gentle breeze and potentially suffering from pollen. The next day, we are covered in inches of thick, wet snow, wondering if you have a vendetta against us.

Though we have come to tolerate this in-between season, it is still a challenge. Not only do we have to dress as if we are headed out into the heart of winter; we must wear layers and bring a potential change of clothes, just in case you have a mood swing in the middle of the day.

Your ability to shift from chillingly cold to humid in a matter of hours leaves us questioning your true personality. In just one day, we may experience every type of weather possible: sun, snow, sleet, rain, wind, even a potential tornado. What is this nonsense?!

We do have to appreciate certain aspects of you, as you prepare us to handle any type of weather condition imaginable in the span of a few weeks. But as one of many runners struggling through this time, my big ask is this: Please let us be and release the beauty of spring upon us.


A confused runner.


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Am I Really A Runner?

Am I Really A Runner?

Jenn Wilson is a Seattle native and a more recent lover of running. Completing three half marathons and one full marathon in a year, she is on a mission to complete 30 races before the age of 30. Her blog follows her journey to discovering that she is an actual runner, aside from feeling new in the sport. She encourages other runners to be who they are and chase down the impossible in their running and general life. She can commonly be found running around the Seattle area, bouncing around at November Project and enjoying coffee around the city. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and on her blog.