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4-Week Plans For Running, Nutrition And Cross-Training

The Cross-Training Plan

Many runners don’t cross-train until and unless an injury prevents them from running. But a proactive approach to cross-training that incorporates one or more nonimpact activities such as bicycling and elliptical running can help you avoid getting injured in the first place while also giving your aerobic fitness a boost. Make 2018 the year you put cross-training to work for you with one of these two cross-training plans for runners designed by Tom Craggs, a coach for RunningWithUs and the UK head coach for Polar and Medichecks.

The beginner plan (unshaded rows) is for runners who currently train about four times a week and feel stuck in a rut with their fitness. “This plan might actually see you running less but training more and with higher quality,” Craggs says. The advanced plan (shaded boxes) is, according to Craggs, “for competitive runners who might be training five, six or even seven days a week but who struggle with niggles or injuries.”

Both plans use the same intensity scale presented on page 56 in connection with the running plan. Feel free to do cross-training (“XT”) workouts in any legs-dominant aerobic exercise modality.

Click here to download the 4-Week Cross-Training Plan.

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