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4-Week Plans For Running, Nutrition And Cross-Training

The Diet Plan

A healthy diet is nothing more than a collection of healthy eating habits. If you want to elevate your running in 2018 with better nutrition, you don’t have to “go on a diet.” You just need to take a systematic approach to building better habits. This is the approach that Georgie Fear, R.D., coauthor of Racing Weight Cookbook, takes with her clients, and it works.

“Building up consistent, healthy habits is what makes excellent nutrition a sustainable thing,” Fear says. “You know a single run won’t make you fit because it’s the regular running on many days that makes you an athlete. Same with healthy eating. If you take a week (or longer) to consistently work on improving one area of nutrition, it makes a more lasting impact than shooting for random different aims each day.”

Fear’s four-week diet cleanup plan focuses on four eating habits that are especially important for runners. You’ll work on one habit per week, doing something new to instill it each day. “Without counting anything, you’ll end up with more nutrient intake, less empty calories and a consistent flow of energy into your body to support your workouts,” Fear says.

Follow these links to download the first and second 4-Week Nutrition Plans.

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