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As Molly Huddle transitions From the Track to the Road, Gatorade® Endurance brings you her journey to Boston Marathon.

As Molly Huddle transitions from the track to the road, Gatorade® Endurance brings you her journey to the Boston Marathon.

In the words of Molly, “If you’re a marathoner, the Boston Marathon is something you have on your bucket list. In racing the marathon and trying to run as fast as you can, there’s so many variables you can focus on to help you improve, whether you run a workout that’s better than any workout you’ve ever done, or you dial in fueling in a way that gives you an advantage. I’m embracing the challenge and I think that attitude will help me get through the race on race day.”

Gatorade Endurance

Gatorade Endurance is a line of sports nutrition products created to meet the specific fueling needs and performance goals of endurance athletes. Reformulated last summer, Gatorade Endurance contains no artificial flavors and has a light taste designed for athletes training and racing for prolonged periods of time and can be found on 300+ races across the U.S. Learn more at GatoradeEndurance.com.