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I’ll Never Run A Marathon. Am I Still A “Real Runner”?

Once you start running regularly, people invariably ask you if and when you are going to run a marathon. Does running a marathon make you a “real” runner? After more than 12 years of “real” running and racing, I can honestly say that I have no desire to ever run a marathon. Ever. None at all. Here’s why.

I Love Running

Running is my passion, my escape, my therapy and my social life wrapped up into one. I look forward to every run and enjoy it with all my heart. I don’t ever want to feel like running is a chore or that I “have to” run a certain number of miles. That would turn running into an obligation for me.

I Am Injury-Prone

I have learned the hard way that my body is not designed for marathon miles. I have had my share of overuse injuries when I’ve significantly increased my mileage. My body is pretty happy running a moderate amount of miles–and so am I.

I Love To Cross-train

As much as I love running, I also love to strength train, ride my bike and swim. I believe these cross-training activities make me a stronger runner and keep me injury free.

I religiously run three times each week, outside all year round. I look forward to and appreciate every run that I go on. Am I a real runner? You bet I am!


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Confessions of a Mother Runner

Confessions of a Mother Runner

I am Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner. I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and two teens. As a lifelong vegetarian, I've always been passionate about healthy living and fitness. Looking for partners in crime, I started my own chapter of Moms Run This Town, which has grown to more than 700 running moms. I've met so many incredible women who inspire me daily to keep moving forward and challenging myself. You can usually find me running with my mom squad and training for the next crazy adventure they have talked me into. The 10K race is my favorite distance and I love the challenge of triathlon races, as well. As a Girls on The Run Coach, nothing makes me happier than volunteering my time to work with elementary school girls. I like to think I am influencing the next generation of female runners and moms-to-be. Vegetarian cooking is one of my passions; you can find original "Meatless Monday" recipes on my blog each week. Readers can contact me on Twitter and Instagram and by visiting my blog, Confessions of a Mother Runner.