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Zwift Announces New Virtual Running Community Zwift Run

Image of a Zwift Run route provided by Zwift.

Introducing Zwift Run

What if you and your best friend could race each other while in two separate countries? With the new Zwift Run Free Access program, unveiled today, such feats are possible. The Long Beach, Calif.-based company that has predominantly catered to the cycling world through its virtual platform is expanding to attract athletes that run, swim and cycle. Though Zwift’s general goal is to expand its membership base to include a greater number of triathletes, targeting them can also benefit the running community as training plans and group workouts are added to the program later this year.

Zwift began in 2014 as a virtual 3D platform, on which cyclists could interact with each other by signing up for and participating in the online Zwift community. Training, racing and socializing became the three pillars on which participants built their experiences, using the app for exercise and socialization from the seat of their personal bicycle or that housed in a gym by connecting it to their machine of choice through Bluetooth or ANT+ footpads. While the original app charged a monthly membership fee, there is no charge to download and use Zwift Run Free Access, though an expanded version of the app requiring a subscription fee will be available in the months ahead.

Emphasizing socialization and training assistance, Zwift promises to offer even more to users as the app develops further. In an official press release, Zwift CEO and Co-founder Eric Min said, “Zwift Run will make indoor running more structured, more measurable, more motivating and more social.” To learn more about Zwift Run Free Access, visit the Zwift website.


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