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Our 2018 Cover Runner Contest Finalists

Lori Goergen of Plymouth, MN

A mother of seven who uses running as a way to manage her narcolepsy.

In her words: “In 2006 I started to experience incredible bouts of daytime sleepiness. These were debilitating episodes that forced me to pull over and nap in my car multiple times per day. I blamed these on being a busy mom with newborn twins, plus five others, and working full-time. In 2011, I had my first episode of sleep paralysis. With the urging from family and friends, a sleep study appointment was made and my diagnosis of narcolepsy was given. He encouraged me to take up running 30 minutes a day. I got my marching orders and have found that just doing that, regardless of how fatigued I am, makes my day manageable. Running clears my head, gets my endorphins going and allows me to actually live my life.”

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