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Women’s Running Tech Awards 2017

For The Mother Runner

Garmin vívosmart 3, $140

This slim fitness tracker is designed for all-day wear, as it constantly monitors your stress level—it uses heart-rate variability on your wrist to determine whether your current stress level is low, medium or (eek!) high on a little graph. When your stress level does reach that top level, you can take that as a sign to go for a walk, step outside or even follow the relaxation breathing exercise on the tracker to get your stress under control.

Testers reveal: Besides the stress tracking, testers loved that the Vívosmart 3 is waterproof, a feature that’s especially handy for sleep-deprived moms who may forget to take it off. You can swim in it, shower in it or bathe little ones, worry-free!

Geek-out factor: In addition to wrist-based heart-rate monitoring, a step counter and the ability to sync with your smartphone for text and call notifications, this sleek-looking watch is the first Garmin tracker to also estimate your VO2 max and give you a “fitness age,” something you can improve with regular exercise. It can also automatically detect when you’re exercising, whether you are cycling, swimming or running.

BOB Revolution FLEX LUNAR, $470

The newest offering from the well-established jogging stroller brand adds an important element to running with little ones: visibility. For the first time, BOB added full panels of an ultra-reflective geometric print to the canopy and sides of the stroller that illuminate when headlights hit them, making morning and evening jogs safer. The “flex” in the name also refers to the adjustability of the padded handle—it easily rotates into nine positions so parents of different heights can each comfortably run with a child.

Testers reveal: This stroller comes with all the thoughtful details you’d expect from this brand, including internal pockets for holding sippy cups and toys, a super-padded seat, an extra-large UPF 50+ canopy and easy two-step folding. The voluminous storage space underneath (it’s 15 percent larger compared to other models) was handy for things like storing a diaper bag for a trip to the park, but it made the head clearance in the seat lower, making testers wonder if kids might outgrow the stroller sooner.

Geek-out factor: You can call this an all-terrain stroller—it offers a top-of-the-line suspension system so baby has a cushy ride no matter how bumpy it gets out there.

2XU Postnatal Active Maternity Tights, $200

These aren’t just high-waisted yoga pants—these are legit compression tights from a brand that prides itself on its compression technology, testing and fabrics. The tights feature compression panels specifically designed to help your abdominal muscles recover from either a natural or C-section delivery. Made with a seam-free tummy panel (so it doesn’t irritate a C-section incision) and a wicking Lycra material, these tights are meant to provide support for the post-partum body, from everyday wear to yoga and running.

Testers reveal: These pants keep everything in place; they fit so well that they don’t slip around or slide down, even when wearing them all day. One tester said the tights “made me feel fantastic and confident in my post-pregnancy body,” though the relatively boring solid-black aesthetics could use some work.

Geek-out factor: The compression, which is on the moderate to firm end of the scale (22–25 mmhg), specifically targets two of the locations on the body that need the most help when recovering from a pregnancy: the lower back and the pelvic floor muscles.

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Bethany Mavis

Bethany Mavis is the managing editor of Triathlete magazine. She's a mom, rec soccer player, multiple half-marathon finisher and is learning daily how to become a better triathlete.