Photos: Nutrition And Hydration Products At The Running Event

Team WR had a blast checking out all of the new shoes, apparel, nutrition, hydration and safety gear at The Running Event 2017 in Austin, Texas! Browse the photo gallery below to see some of the new nutrition and hydration products we’re most excited about for 2018.

We’re big fans of short ingredient lists in sports nutrition products, and Endurance Tap Energy Gel is no exception. Made with just Canadian maple syrup, ginger and sea salt, it has the same sweetness of a typical gel, just with way fewer ingredients and not as thick as you would expect a maple syrup–based gel to be.Gatorade’s Endurance Formula underwent a revamp in the last few years to include cleaner ingredients, and the newest addition to its lineup is a cherry-flavored sports drink. We enjoyed the light flavor and the fact that it’s clear—no red artificial coloring!GU Energy’s new stroopwafel flavor is delicious–we can totally see using this as a healthy alternative for real s’mores. We heard whispers about a new GU flavor for 2018, as well…stay tuned!The HydraPak SpeedCup, available in a four-pack, was a fun find from the show. Not only does it help save the environment by saving on disposable paper cups (in fact, at some races in Europe, you’re required to carry your own cup to minimize waste), but it can also be easily stuffed in a pocket and HydraPak even partners with brands to place logos on the cups (like they did with The Running Event).Just this week, NATHAN announced the Hammerhead steel insulated bottle, which will be available in spring 2018. NATHAN will donate 2 percent of all sales to the Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group dedicated to protecting the ocean.Picky Oats are the newest offering from Picky Bars, the brand started by pro runners Lauren Fleshman and Stephanie Bruce and pro triathlete Jesse Thomas. The performance oatmeal was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that far surpassed its goal of $25,000 (it brought in $68,000). If the deliciousness of Picky Bars is any indication, the gluten-free, superfood-packed oats promise to be an awesome addition to every runner’s pantry.Team WR has been big fans of the Tailwind sports drink’s clean, light taste, and now the Colorado-based company has launched a new recovery drink, called Rebuild. Available in both chocolate and vanilla, it’s a vegan powder that you can mix with straight water (it has coconut milk in it), and using a patent-pending mathematical model, it provides complete protein derived from brown rice.