Photos: Tech And Safety Gear At The Running Event

Team WR had a blast checking out all of the new shoes, apparel, nutrition, hydration and safety gear at The Running Event 2017 in Austin, Texas! Browse the photo gallery below to see some of the new tech and safety gear we’re most excited about for 2018.

We love the idea of not having to bring safety accessories on the run with you! The new Firefly by MAS line, which launches December 4 on, provides run apparel that actually illuminates. With eight hours of charge time and three flashing modes, the apparel is even machine washable.Brilliant Reflective’s safety strips come as stick-on adhesives or permanent, iron-on solutions to your non-reflective clothing problem–a fun and affordable way to stay safe after dark!This watch isn’t exactly new (it was released in June), but we still think it’s cool. Featuring a built-in heart rate monitor, this watch can last for 10 hours while running at full capacity and 30 hours while in endurance mode with the heart rate monitor disengaged. Though the initial gray color was discontinued, the Polar M430 now comes in white, black and orange.KT Tape’s new KT Recovery + Ice/Heat Massage Ball is a great recovery tool for those days when you return home from a run and something feels…off. The massage ball comes with two plastic inserts, one of which can be frozen and the other of which can be heated. Once you pop your chosen tool into the recovery ball’s center, roll it around and feel the magic happen.Talk about sleep technology–this sleep assessment device by Altra measures its user’s average heart rate through the mattress and breaks down further details of how well and how much you sleep through its smartphone app. Though pricey (one sensor costs $119), it’s a nifty way to learn more about how your body is recovering after lights out.Our favorite thing about these wearable reflectors by Amphipod are the fun shapes–and the fact that there’s lots of flexibility for where you put them while running (e.g. on your running duds, shoes, jacket, etc.). We found the smiley faces and hearts to be cute, although the Amphipod website also offers snowflakes for winter and Pink Ribbon shapes for breast cancer awareness.SPIbelt announced at The Running Event that it was acquiring Nite Beams’ running safety accessories. Part of that acquisition are these blinking lights, which come in fun colors and will help those that run through the night do so safely.We were intrigued by this lacing system by Hickies. If you find it difficult to get your laces tightened just so, pull the laces your shoes came with out and replace them with Hickies, which grant you greater control over how tight (or loose) you want your shoes to be, from right above the toe box to across the tongue. Bonus: they come in tons of great colors!