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5 Tips To Help You Run Your Best When The Rain Comes

I absolutely abhor running on the treadmill. I would love to meet the person who coined the nickname “dreadmill,” as I couldn’t think of a more apt description of that awful machine. To that end, I have learned how to run outside, in all kinds of inclement weather. Here are a few of my top tips to keep you as happy as Gene Kelly on your next rainy run!

Wear A Hat

Wearing a hat in the rain may seem super simple, but it makes such a huge difference. With the rain shielded from my eyes, I’m able to easily ignore the rain on the rest of my body.

Lace Up Your Gore-Tex Shoes

I wear these exclusively on rainy runs, and they are a lifesaver. These shoes, which are equipped with a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane, keep my feet dry and warm on even the wettest of runs. In fact, I can think of only ONE run during which my feet got even slightly wet, and that was due to flash flooding! The best thing about these shoes is that many popular shoes come engineered with Gore-Tex, so I have a waterproof version of my favorite running shoes, the Brooks Ghost.

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Beware Of Slippery Surfaces

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to run more cautiously on rainy days. Certain surfaces, such as asphalt and crosswalks, become excessively slippery. Fallen leaves and debris can create additional challenges. I’ve also noticed that cars are not as vigilant, as they are not expecting to encounter runners.

Bring A Jacket

Depending on the temperature outside, I usually opt for no jacket in the rain. However, for colder, rainier runs, I love Saucony’s Vitarun Jacket. This jacket is perfect because it’s lightweight, but it wards off the wind, cold and any sort of precipitation.

Draw The Line

When lightning, intense winds and hail are in the mix, I draw the line. It’s not worth risking my safety to run outside. I always try waiting for the storm to pass. However, if it’s storming all day, I am sometimes forced to do indoor cross-training–or to run on the dreadmill…


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Hoppe Feet

Hoppe Feet

Stephanie Hoppe of Hoppe Feet is originally from Richmond, VA and recalls a deep passion for running ever since she was a little girl. From "getting to run the mile!" in elementary school to her first half marathon as a college freshman, she has always loved to run. She was co-president of the College of William and Mary's Running Club, a member of Fleet Feet Chicago's racing team, a coach for Girls on the Run and currently works part-time at a local running store. Running is much more than a hobby: it's a way of life for Steph. She is always seeking a new challenge and has completed countless half marathons, four marathons, an ultramarathon and several triathlons, including a half and full Ironman. The only thing she loves more than running is taking her love for running on the road. She and her husband Matt, who's also an avid runner, plan vacations around destination races. They've gone from Quebec to Iceland and Las Vegas to Mississippi. Steph would love to one day complete a marathon on every continent! Follow Stephanie at @hoppe_feet on Twitter and check out her blog at!!