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One Runner Explains How She Came To Love The Sport

Why I Run

I used to run because I hated my body. It was my punishment for not looking the way I thought I should look. 

I wasn’t skinny enough. 

Pretty enough. 

Good enough.

My internal demons chased me, mile after mile. Any time I ran, the negative thoughts followed.

“You’re so ugly.” 

“You’re too fat.” 

“Ugh, why are your thighs like that?”

“You totally have the worst saddlebags.”

Those were all the words I heard. The words I believed. The words that still sometimes come back to haunt me. 

Throughout my fitness journey, I have found ways to deal with my body image issues. It was in finding a community of likeminded fitness individuals that I have become more confident in my abilities as a fitness professional. It was in talking about my unhealthy eating habits with friends that I was able to find balance. It was in talking about my insecurities that I was able to find ways to counteract the negative voices in my head. But I’m not perfect. Every day is different, and some days I still wake up with those negative thoughts. However, my outlook has changed. When I have those days, I have to actively work toward self love and promote the lifestyle I want to embody: a lifestyle of health and strength–of both the mental and physical varieties. 

When I have those days, I turn to a sweat session to help myself reset. I grab my spin shoes and hit a spin class. I grab my towel and head to a bootcamp session. I lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.

I used to run because I hated my body. Now I run for a different reason.

I run to become better. Stronger. 

I run for the endorphins. I run for the feeling of satisfaction when I run farther or faster than I did the day before. 

I run because it is my therapy. I run because it helps me clear my head when I’ve had a rough day. 

I run because it reminds me of how far I have come. I run because I can see my improvement mile after mile. 

I run because I love my body and all that it can do. Why do you run?


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Laura Macchiavelli

Laura Macchiavelli

Laura Macchiavelli (Lau) is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and overall health junkie. A graduate from California Polytechnic State University with a degree in business administration, Laura fell in love with fitness during her second year at school and hasn’t looked back since. After getting certified through Schwinn for Indoor Cycling, Laura found a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals and decided to take a leap of faith by getting her ACE Personal Training Certification. When she isn’t helping others tap into the confidence and strength they have within, Laura can be found finding new ways to push herself on her own fitness journey. Her favorite workouts include Orangetheory Fitness, indoor cycling classes, interval running (hill sprints anyone?) and bootcamp classes! When she’s not working up a sweat, you can find Laura in the kitchen finding ways to make meals that are delicious and nutritious. Can’t get enough of Laura? Stay up to date with her on Instagram and Facebook.