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The Pros And Cons Of Running On Vacation

Summer is here! Are you ready for it? Even more important: Does running fit into your travel plans?

If you’re planning a getaway this season, there will come a time when you need to decide whether or not to pack those running shoes. The are several reasons to run while on vacation, but there might be just as many reasons for why you shouldn’t. Decide before you leave so that your expectations are set and you can share them with your travel partners.

Here are five pros and cons that’ll help you decide whether or not running while on vacation is right for you.

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Should you run during your vacation?

Pro #1

Running on vacation helps you maintain your current fitness level.

Con #1

It might cut into time you could be using to sightsee or meet new people.

Pro #2

Running on vacation means you can stay on track with your training plan for your next race.

Con #2

Tying yourself to a specific workout schedule might take away from the rest and relaxation your vacation is meant to provide.

Pro #3

Running outside while on vacation is a fun way to explore new areas.

Con #3

If you don’t know the area well, you could get lost or find yourself in unsafe places.

Pro #4

Planning to run during vacation means you don’t have to wait until you reach a big goal in your training or complete a substantial race before getting away.

Con #4

Running takes away from time you could be spending with your traveling partners. (This is especially noteworthy if your running already cuts into quality time with them at home.)

Pro #5

Running on vacation means you don’t have to take a break from running or training to travel.

Con #5

Sometimes your body needs a break! Taking a week or two off once a year can recharge you!

Ultimately, whether or not you run while on vacation should be based on your body and your priorities. In a perfect world, everything would be balanced  all the time–but it’s not.

If you can’t skip a week of running due to your racing goals, the answer is clear: you should run. If your knee has been asking for a break for a while, the answer is similarly clear: it’s time for a break.

Do what’s best for you–and don’t forget to have a great vacation!


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