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6 Dreams All Runners Have

Ever have a dream in which you’re running in slow motion? Legs feel like lead. Each step requires extreme effort. No matter how hard you try, it’s as if you are trekking through a thick ocean of peanut butter instead of achieving a race PB. Turns out you are not alone in experiencing this sluggish struggle—slow-motion running is a common dream to have!

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In addition to the slow-mo standard, runners can be subject to all kinds of crazy dreams the night before a race. We decided to compile a list of other experiences runners have during shut-eye sessions. Some are sweet dreams, and others are nightmares. See how many you can relate to.

1. Oversleeping and missing the race.


2. Forgetting how to run correctly.


3. Being chased.


4. Having to go music-less due to the sudden death of an iPod during a run or race.


5. Getting injured.


6. Having an epic run (the best dream of all)!

What other running-related dreams have you experienced? Or nightmares…tweet us @Womensrunning!